5 Mid-Year Holiday Ideas your Instagram Feed will Love

5 Mid-Year Holiday Ideas your Instagram Feed will Love

Is it wrong to choose a holiday destination purely on its Instagram worthiness? Guilty as charged! While there are obviously tons of amazing places to gun for with your phone in tow, these are the mid-year budget destinations we're dreaming of tagging up the most right now.

While destinations like Hawaii and the Maldives are probably what your daydreams are made of, these lavish trips are simply not in line with the typical mid-year holiday budget. So this winter break Travel With Jane, want you to treat yourself to a trip that is truly worthy of all of those Instagram shots you will be posting without blowing your budget. You've probably done Bali and Thailand by now, so why not consider these off the beaten path destinations where you can get more bang for your buck without sacrificing spectacular views.

While not quite as trendy of a vacation destination as Thailand, Vietnam offers a similar experience at a significantly lower price. With public transportation readily available throughout the country, world-renowned cuisine and four-star hotels with prices of less than $30 USD per night, the biggest expense will likely be the airfare. Despite this, flights to Vietnam are often surprisingly affordable, especially when considering the minimal price of food and lodging after arriving. The country is filled with natural beauty, including mountains, green rice fields and rivers, which all make for excellent photo ops.

With a culture similar to that of Spain, Portugal boasts a rich culture and beautiful Mediterranean vibe. The country is full of exquisite architecture and with top hotels priced at less than $60 AUD per night, you will have plenty of funds left in your budget for fun activities and fine dining. The city of Porto is bustling, but compared to Spain, the atmosphere is much less crowded and slower paced. Whether you opt for vacation photo shoots among the sea or in the heart of the capital, your devoted followers will be filled with envy.

Home to some of the world's most spectacular sights, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, Egypt is a surprisingly affordable holiday destination with once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. In areas such as Sharm el-Sheikh, five-star hotels can be found for as little as $40 AUD per night. Even in more popular cities like Cairo, lodging in the lap of luxury typically comes at a cost of less than $60 AUD per night. Similarly, the cuisine is extremely budget-friendly, with many meals coming in at around $10 AUD per person.

A hot tip is to visit Egypt as part of a budget-friendly tour group instead of going it alone. Not only will you feel more comfortable moving as a group, but the going will be easier at heaving tourist attractions, where local guides are invaluable at hustling you towards the best views.

If Europe is calling your name but you're shocked by the pricetag, head to Hungary. The country has the same feel as many other European nations with prices that are much more budget-friendly. Typical lodging costs are less than $60 AUD per night while average meals will set you back less than $8 per person. As an added bonus, the capital of Budapest is chock full of free and low-cost activities, including museums and boat tours.

With breathtaking architecture, lush mountains and no shortage of activities including hot air ballooning in epic Cappadocia (goals!), it's crazy that Turkey doesn't top lists of the most popular holiday destinations. Glamorous hotels, ranking in at 4 and 5 stars, in areas like Istanbul come with top amenities for as little as $50 AUD per night. Whether you pose for snaps beside the rocky coastline or in front of a Turkish Villa, in Turkey you'll certainly own some of the most envy inducing posts on Instagram.


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