Tiny Tutu Ballerinas Online

Tiny Tutu Ballerinas Online

Tiny Tutus have launched Tiny Tutus at home to ensure that ballerinas don't miss out on their weekly dose of Tiny Tutu fun. Each ballerina is able to see other ballerinas dancing from home which helps them feel less isolated.

Tiny Tutus introduced the online platform to keep their regular pre-school aged ballerinas in routine, keep them connected and to give them and their parents something to look forward to each week.

Simone Cadell, Founder of Tiny Tutus, says: "We have an amazing Tiny Tutus team who twirled at the chance to keep our classes going and keep the connection for our ballerinas and families. Our teachers have set up studio spaces at home. Bron our curriculum director has adapted the curriculum for at home lessons and coordinated our teachers. Kate our special projects director made the learning platform happen. We had venues close on Wednesday last week and we were online 24 hours later. Tutu magic. "

The interactive classes are taught live by two teachers. One teacher demonstrates the steps and the other teacher assists with correction and encouragement.

Simone concludes: "Feedback from parents and teacher has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is having lots of fun. We've been told that ballerinas can't wait for their next online class with their favourite teacher! Parents love that ballerinas can keep their routine and have Tiny Tutus to look forward to each week."

"Tiny Tutu's is starting a new 4-week program (on Monday 30th) that anyone new to Tiny Tutus can enroll in. It is for all preschool aged ballerinas, not just our current dancers."