Smiggle Do It For Dolly

Smiggle Do It For Dolly

Dolly's Dream offers support and solutions for kids, parents, caregivers and communities to help families experiencing bullying and Smiggle has once again partnered with them to remind kids to look out for their friends and classmates in 2024. Smiggle is calling on its thousands of fans across the
country to drop into a Smiggle store and purchase a specially crafted collectible Choose Kindness badge and raise funds for Dolly's Dream.

The brand-new Choose Kindness badges add to a collection of keyrings created by Smiggle especially for Dolly's Dream.

Available for just $2 from Smiggle stores all over Australia and online from Wednesday 10 January, all the proceeds are donated to Dolly's Dream for its work in changing the culture of bullying and addressing its impact through education and direct support. Smiggle has been a partner of Dolly's Dream since 2020, with Smigglers raising over $100,000 in just the two last years, to help Dolly's Dream in their work. Since the campaign launched over half a
million Aussie kids have taken the Kindness Pledge in a Smiggle store, promising to choose kindness in their everyday lives. The new Choose Kindness badges offer families who have supported the cause before, a new way to add to their collection and maintain their commitment to Dolly's Dream.

Funds raised go directly to fund Dolly's Dream telephone support line, workshops, Beacon Cyber Safety App and the online Parent Hub, all of which offer support and solutions for kids, parents, caregivers and communities to help stop bullying.

Kate Everett, Dolly's mum and co-founder of Dolly's Dream said she's asking Australian children to display their Choose Kindness badges as a real  reminder to choose kindness throughout the year.  "We are so thrilled to be joining forces with Smiggle again in 2024. Together, we're not just preparing kids for the school year, but we're sending a powerful message – a reminder to be kind, to look after your friends and classmates - creating a school environment where every child feels safe and supported," Kate said.


"Dolly's Dream and Smiggle believe in the power of kindness, and through this wonderful partnership, we aim to inspire a generation of compassionate
and caring kids as they start their new school year." This year, Dolly's Dream are pleased to announce actor Pia Miranda as the Dolly's Dream Ambassador.

"I am proud and honoured to be an Ambassador for Dolly's Dream," Pia said. "The organisation does such important work supporting kids and fighting against bullying. Asking kids to choose kindness is a simple and important step, and the benefits can literally be life changing."

"As a mum myself, bullying is something I am concerned with and helping stop this behaviour and providing support to anyone who needs it is something close to my heart." Dr Charlotte Keating, psychologist and Advisory Board member for Dolly's Dream, said the beginning of the school year is an ideal time for gently opening up the lines of conversation with your children to encourage trust and confidence.

"Given approximately 1 in 4 Australian students in grades 4 to 9 report being bullied in person every few weeks*, it's critical to have conversations with children and young people about what bullying is, and the steps they can take to get help," Dr Keating said.

"A study conducted by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne revealed that parents' top three biggest concerns for children's health in Australia are: screen time, bullying and cyber bulling, and internet safety.** Dolly's Dream provides practical resources to empower parents and carers with the tools they need to support to their child to engage online, and how to respond to bullying," Dr. Keating added.

Back to School is the busiest time of the year in Smiggle stores, with an astounding array of colourful, new school gear on shelf, making it the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the support and solutions provided by Dolly's Dream for kids who need some kindness in their lives. Everyone is invited into a Smiggle store to take the Kindness Pledge and receive a free Kindness Certificate, designed to help families start a conversation about kindness and bullying.

"When you pop in to Smiggle to look for a new lunchbox or pencil case, have a chat with your kids about what kindness means," Pia said. "It's a great opportunity to start a conversation with your kids, then pop a badge on their school bag, hat, collar, or pencil case as a regular reminder throughout the year. The money raised will help Dolly's Dream provide the range of services and supports that they offer."

Recognising the different needs of kids, parents, caregivers and communities, Dolly's Dream has created a range of services designed to provide practical, expert information and advice.

The Dolly's Dream Support Line is a free and confidential bullying and mental health support line where no referral is needed and is open 24/7 to anyone who needs support. Anyone worried about a young person in their life can chat to a qualified counsellor on 0488 881 033.

The Beacon Cyber Safety App provides families with trustworthy, practical resources to help them confidently navigate their child's technology use and help address challenging issues such as screen time, gaming and cyberbullying.

The Parent Hub is a free online information hub where the research has been done for you. Read from the most trusted information sources about online safety and bullying.

Dolly's Dream also offer a range of online safety and anti-bullying workshops that can be tailored to students of all ages, as well as parents, teachers and the general community.

These are just some of the ways the funds raised by the sale of the collectible Smiggle Choose Kindness badges and keyrings will help Dolly's Dream change cultures and behaviours, working to prevent bullying.
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