The Morrison Has Arrived

The Morrison Has Arrived

The Morrison Has Arrived

Be charmed. Be cultivated. Be captured by Sydney's newest cutting-edge restaurant, bar and oyster room; an authentic New York style brasserie, charismatic yet cheeky - The Morrison has arrived.

Fraser Short's highly anticipated venture sees his partnership with acclaimed Chef Sean Connolly come to life, as they prepare to take Sydney on a culinary journey. With Short's proven track record of successful venues along with Connolly's talent and passion for food, The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room will set tongues wagging.

Situated on the corner of George and Grosvenor Street's, one of Sydney's most prominent sites, The Morrison is a modern day eatery, promising a world-class menu of the freshest Australian produce and the most sought after wines. With a sophisticated swagger, The Brooklyn Hotel has been reinvented into the complete lifestyle experience.

Set to heat up Australia's love affair with the oyster, once considered the lowest form of morsel, The Morrison is no gimmick, taking their oysters very seriously and providing diners with the finest varieties on offer, shucked-to-order. The Morrison's menu offers traditional modern dishes with a twist, hinting a certain humbleness as Chef Sean Connolly lets the produce shine.

Inspired by his travels and experiences throughout New York, Short felt the city was missing something homely yet styled and has created a venue to give back to city dwellers catering to all types with three different settings and scenes.

The Oyster Room – The front stoop of The Morrison, prime position on George Street. It is here one can watch centre stage as Australia's finest oysters are shucked-to-order.
The Parlour – The visually spectacular bottom bar is perfect for a small bar and cocktail experience.
The Conservatory – An open air terrace rivalling anything else in the CBD. Eat, drink or relax by the fireplace under the stars.

'We want to create something that gives back to the history of the site and have chosen to hand craft a restaurant and bar concept in line with this. Breathing meaning back into the venue, this should be one of Sydney's best offerings, raising the mark and taking diners on a brand new experience," said Short.

The drinks menu showcases the world's most unique of products, from rare London gin, the finest Kentucky bourbons to the freshest local boutique brews. Whether stirred or shaken, straight up or on the rocks, The Morrison's most skilled hands will create a drink that blends the classic with the innovative.

Be captured in the unique experience of charm and style that is The Morrison and feel at home among friends as a new dining experience encapsulates Sydney.

For bookings or function enquiries, please contact:
The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room
225 George St, Sydney 2000
02 9247 6744