The Fast Food Detox

The Fast Food Detox

The Fast Food Detox

The 14-day plan to help you eat clean and get lean!

Have you ever stopped to think how often you get your food out of a packet or grab a takeaway meal for lunch or dinner? Fast food and prepackaged food is abundantly available, and we eat far too much of it. The figures don't lie:
Australian's spend a third of their food budget on junk food (which is loaded with fat, salt, sugar, kilojoules and additives)
Australia has the highest rate of fast-food franchises per head of population in the world
Over 4.5 million fast-food meals are consumed in Australia every day
Over two-thirds of Australian adults and a quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese

People often perceive fast food as cheap and convenient, yet we are paying a heavy price with our health. Even in moderation, processed foods high in sugar, fat, salt and kilojoules can make it near impossible to maintain your weight, let alone lose it.

Fortunately, help is at hand! Leading personal trainer Andrew Cate has designed The Fast Food Detox, which includes:
A unique 14-day plan to help you lose 2-4 kilograms
Quick, tasty and wholesome recipes to help you strip body fat and retrain your taste buds
A simple and unique exercise plan that specifically targets stored body fat
A fast-food detox plan for children

Discover a new, healthier you in just two weeks!

No gimmicks and no complicated rules. Follow The Fast Food Detox to shed kilos and boost energy in just two weeks!

Andrew Cate is a personal trainer and online weight-loss coach. He writes for several magazines and websites, and can be heard regularly on radio sharing his passion for health, food and fitness. Many people have found success with his books, Throw Out Your Scales, Walk Off Weight, Lighten Up, The H-Factor Diet and The Tight Ar$e Diet. Find out more at

The Fast Food Detox
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Andrew Cate
ISBN: 9780733328022
Price: $19.99