The Crowdsourced Performance Review

The Crowdsourced Performance Review

The Crowdsourced Performance Review

Fix the Performance Review with the Wisdom of Crowds!

If you're like most employees and managers, you dread the annual performance review. It's outdated and frozen in time. It's a relic of the way business used to work and doesn't capitalise on the way business works today. Can it be saved?

Today's most successful companies are transforming their predictable "one-way" review processes into dynamic, collaborative systems that apply the latest social technologies. Instead of a one-time annual evaluation of performance, managers and employees receive collective feedback from everyone across their company. It's all achieved through crowdsourcing, and it generates more accurate, actionable results than traditional methods.

With The Crowdsourced Performance Review, you'll create a review system that gathers the feedback of many, so you can make better, more informed decisions. And this new model is simpler than you think. It's based on three innovations:
CROWDSOURCING: Applying the same techniques that companies like Apple, Angie's List, and Zagat use to inform customers, you can gather the same kind of data to inform managers.
SOCIAL MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES: The most revolutionary communication tools since the telephone, these technologies have singlehandedly created a new language of business.
ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: When managed well, it's one of the most effective tools for building and maintaining a competitive advantage.

These three assets come together for the purpose of evaluating performance in the practice of social recognition-a system in which all employees recognize each other's great work on a daily basis. Social recognition creates engagement, energy, and even happiness in a company--leading to the ultimate goal of a Positivity-Dominated Workplace.

The Crowdsourced Performance Review provides the key to seizing your company's competitive edge with a new ground-breaking performance management system. Apply the techniques in The Crowdsourced Performance Review to make your processes exceed expectations.

Eric Mosley cofounded Globoforce in 1999 with the goal of reinventing the employee recognition industry for the global, multicultural, multigenerational organizations of the twenty-first century. As CEO, he has led Globoforce to its place as a leading provider of social recognition solutions, redefining how companies understand, manage, and motivate their employees.

The Crowdsourced Performance Review
McGraw Hill
Author: Eric Mosley
ISBN: 9780071817981
RRP: $33.95


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