Zoner PhotoStudio 9 Professional

Zoner PhotoStudio 9 Professional

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The 'All-in-One' Photo Manager

Zoner PhotoStudio 9 Professional is an 'all-in-one' photo manager that processes photos from start to finish. Version 9 brings new inspiration to your digital photo editing by offering several features not found elsewhere - a 3D photo wizard, web galleries, a panorama wizard, unlimited printing possibilities and much more. Bring in pictures from any digital photo source, correct defects, organise them, use and manage picture information and show off your creativity.


New Program Core
Redesigned program core -- now supports processing of photos in 16 bit/channel colour depth. Photo operations are performed at this colour depth based on completely reworked algorithms, which means your pictures will suffer less loss of quality. This feature makes Zoner Photo Studio a better companion than ever for professional users: it's now a full-fledged partner to specialized photo editing tools.

16-bit processing
is not just limited to a few operations; instead, it affects the vast majority of image edits and import/output filters.

Easier Batch Photo Editing
It has always been easy to process many photos at once in Zoner Photo Studio. But the latest version takes this even further. The old 'batch operations window' has been replaced with a new Batch Filter that is more flexible and easier to use. Now in just a single step, you can set up any group of edits you want, in the order you want, and immediately apply them to all selected photos. No resaving between the edits in the batch means less loss of quality, as does 16-bit support.

DVD Slideshows
Tabletop DVD players have by now become an almost guaranteed part of homes, and DVD recorders are pushing out old VHS video. We are also seeing the forceful arrival of high-quality wide-screen TVs. So photo viewing is not limited to just computer screens any more -- more and more frequently, it is taking place in front of a television. Zoner Photo Studio 9 includes a new tool for creating interactive slideshows in DVD format that can be played on every tabletop player. It lets you:
* add many transition effects
* use text captions based on pictures descriptions and more, or ones entered by hand while using the DVD wizard
* set a music file or files as a soundtrack
* customise the slideshow background

* create both classical 4:3 and wide-screen 16:9 slideshows

GPS Support: See Where Photos Were Taken
GPS navigation devices have also become a common part of everyday life. That is why Zoner Photo Studio now lets you assign and make use of GPS coordinates for photos. You can assign GPS data automatically from a GPS device's track log if you wish, and you can use an on-line map of your choice for display. Knowing exactly where a photo was taken gives it a whole new dimension, which you will appreciate no matter whether you use your camera for touristic play or professional work in the field.
* Assigning of geographic coordinates, including automated assignment based on a GPS device's track log
* Display of photo locations using GPS data in the photos picture information (EXIF) on on-line maps like Google Maps.

Better Work with Picture Information
Work with digital photos 'picture information' -- things like descriptions and keywords -- is important for efficient photo management. That is why we gave the new version new tools and functions to ease your work with them.
* New Descriptions Panel in the Browser so you can describe photos more easily
* Search and Replace function for picture information
* New variants for 'variable text' (text that the program can fill in automatically for you) in version 9 related to this versions new functions
* Faster work with picture information thats stored in XMP format
* Batch assignment of location (city and state)

Easier, More Precise Editing
Zoner Photo Studio has long progressed past being "just a browser with basic editing tools." The latest version provides more than ever to experienced users who demand precise settings to achieve the perfect look for the photos they are editing.
* You can copy parts of pictures among files and change their size, transparency, and border blurring in the process
*Editor selection tools now support antialiasing Improved Curves filter now lets you enter input/output values and use an eyedropper to fill in values
*The Editor now supports Adobe Photoshop plug-in filters (.8bf)
* New Resharpen filter
* New Custom filter
* You can now write text on your picture in the Editor directly

Improved Publishing Tools
The broad scope of Zoner Photo Studios publishing tools makes it unique among all tools on the market. Besides adding new publishing tools in this version, we've worked hard to improve the ones you're already offered.
* Calendars
- marking of holidays and other special days in calendars
- customisable display of state and other holidays as free days
- generation of 'mini-previews' for previous and next month
* Direct assembly of vertical panoramas
* New Seasite PHP and Compact PHP templates, with comment support and spam protection
* New Find points automatically option in the 3D photography wizard

Easier to Use
The programs interface has seen some significant changes that make work with pictures and picture information easier and better organised.
* New Tutorials window for beginning users
* Preview/Information window now divisible into two separate windows
* A new look for the Information window, including a better look for histograms
* Structured display in the Information window, with commands to show and hide all items in a group
* Customisable keyboard shortcuts for menu items
* Showable/Hideable menu items in Browser and Editor
* Advanced file renaming in Browser:
- a suitable file name is offered automatically based on analysis of previous file and folder names
- warnings when files have bad names


Previews for video files in the Browser

* Preview of outputted name during batch renaming
* You can change the case for photos extensions during downloading
* Media archive now stores thumbnails outside the archive database (now easier to avoid hitting size limit)
* You can now turn off the mouse wheel's ability to move among pictures in the Editor
* You can choose the edge background colour when using precise rotation
* Help panel in the Browser for the Media Archive
* Help panel in the Browser for Search Results
* Newly broadened settings for the Image in Image function
* Text in image:
- support for multi-line text, including justification and line spacing preview for the font you've selected
* To Clipboard option for Send by E-mail function, to make it easier for you to prepare pictures for sending within an existing e-mail
* New options for displaying blowout and underexposed areas: you can turn desaturation and element indicators on/off
* You can now use variable text to help name output folders when downloading photos
* Better support for display of the Nikon NEF RAW format
* Non-proportional percentual resizing

* Panorama Wizard - helps you make panoramas easily. The program finds the shared points in the individual shots and joins them automatically and if possible perfectly. You can also manually edit the joinings. Includes automatic exposure correction.
* 3D Image Wizard - this wizard helps you create pseudo-3D images (anaglyphs) which appear in simulated 3D when viewed through special glasses with one red and one blue lens.
* Web Galleries - automatically create web photo galleries using predesigned templates - no HTML experience required!
* PDF Slideshows - publish to PDF and share with family and friends.
* Photo Editing and Enhancement Tools - everything you need for enhancing photos and removing image defects: exposure editing via the editing of colours, sharpness and histogram curves and levels; shadow brightening; red-eye removal, noise, and chromatic defects and barrel/pincushion correction; editing of perspective, horizon, and collinearity; retouching tools...clone stamp, iron, fill and paintbrush; rotation; cropping; batch operations, and more.
* Image Magic - effects like conversion to grayscale, colour manipulation, explosions, oil painting, antique photo, add grain and waves. Plus frames, envelopes, soft shadows and more.
* Managing Your Digital Archive - descriptions, text and audio notes, keywords and cataloging of external media (CDs and DVDs). Searching, filtering and sorting; file operations; batch renaming and conversion.
* Unlimited possibilities for printing and presenting photos .
* Support for all types of digital cameras (both USB Mass Storage and Canon), scanning over the TWAIN interface, web image spidering, extended screen shots, and acquisition of data from the Clipboard.



Review: If you love your photos and like to capture the perfect image, Zoner PhotoStudio 9 Professional has everything you will need. It's easy to understand and follow so you don't need to be a graphics designer to produce studio quality photos. Manage your photos with ease.

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