The Customer Service Solution

The Customer Service Solution

The Customer Service Solution

This deep look into customer psychology gives managers the insight they need to drive profitability by dramatically improving the customer experience

Reveals how executives and managers in any industry can revaluate the company's approach to customer service, better influence customer perceptions, and transform service delivery
The authors base their findings on behavioural science research first published in Harvard Business Review and MIT's Sloan Management Review
Chase is the author of the bestselling textbook Operations and Supply Chain Management, which has sold more than one million copies

The Customer Service Solution explains how consumers perceive services and shows you how to enhance the customer experience-every time.

In this economic climate, the customer service experience is more critical than ever. Most leading service firms advocate the TLC mantra: Think Like a Customer. That's a good practice, but first you have to understand what your customer is thinking and feeling. Today's business leaders cannot afford to neglect the psychological principles that govern customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

What are the factors that really determine customer satisfaction? Two of the nation's leading authorities on service psychology, Sriram Dasu and Richard Chase, have written this groundbreaking guide that identifies and demystifies the psychological triggers behind customer behaviour. You'll go where customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shoppers, and focus groups can't-and learn exactly why customers respond and behave the way they do.

With findings drawn from behavioural science research, this book provides all the tools you need to evaluate your current service platforms and design future strategies to enhance customer perceptions positively and drive your sales.

The Customer Service Solution illustrates why even companies with high levels of satisfaction are missing tremendous opportunities by neglecting the emotional elements that govern consumer interactions.

This book will show you how to:
Shape and manage customer perceptions
Understand implicit versus explicit outcomes
Develop the roles of control and choice among buyers
Design emotionally intelligent processes
Build trust among customers

Whatever your business may be-healthcare, hospitality, financial services, e-commerce, and more--this book is an essential tool to help you increase profits by leveraging your company's customer experience.

Sriram Dasu, associate professor at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, has written numerous articles on operations management and continues to publish in leading academic and professional journals nationwide.

Richard B. Chase, Justin Dart Professor Emeritus, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, is the coauthor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, which sold over a million copies and is now in its thirteenth edition, having been translated into 12 languages. He's widely acknowledged as one of the founders of the Service Operations Management field.

The Customer Service Solution
McGraw Hill
Authors: Sriram Dasu and Richard B. Chase
ISBN: 9780071809931
RRP: $31.95


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