The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity

The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity

The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity

For centuries, the Chinese have managed to survive and thrive in virtually every part of the world. From nineteenth-century emigrants to twenty-first-century "tiger moms," they have shown remarkable resilience and determination in achieving their goals even under the most challenging of circumstances.

What is the secret behind their enduring success? It's The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity-a timeless combination of ancient wisdom and modern strategy that anyone can apply:
1. Learn, then earn.
2. Get mobile and go global.
3. Make connections and return favors.
4. Reduce debt and release your capital.
5. Play financial defense.
6. Defer gratification.
7. Love the land.
8. Avoid unrewarded risks.

This inspiring and eminently practical guide shows you how to enrich your life, as well as enhance your fortunes. You'll discover the Chinese philosophy of "Sow early, sow often,"- reaping the rewards of consistently saving year after year. You'll learn how to honor and practice the time-tested wisdom of previous generations, keeping your priorities in check, placing a value on what matters most, and bringing prosperity into all aspects of your life. You'll find helpful charts detailing how wealth is generated using basic money-building principles very well known to the Chinese people, as well as ancient proverbs and stories that you can apply to today's economic situation. Along the way, you'll read how distinguished individuals and major companies have thrived all over the world employing these lessons.

Michael Justin Lee was born in Hong Kong and grew up in New York City's Chinatown. A veteran Chartered Financial Analyst, he served as the nation's first Financial Markets Expert-in-Residence in the U.S. Department of Labor. Lee currently serves on the faculties of finance at the University of Maryland and George Mason University.

The Chinese Way to Wealth and Prosperity
McGraw Hill
Author: Michael Justin Lee
ISBN: 9780071788724
Price: $25.95

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