Tesalate sand-free towels

Tesalate sand-free towels

Introducing Tesalate, sand-free towels

Apart from using it at the beach, our Tesalate can be used for indoor workouts, yoga and backyard picnics especially since travel is currently restricted. With so many great designs you can use it to decorate your home, as a blanket and even a play mat for kids. It's fast-drying, super absorbent, compact and light, it can also make a great gift for special occasions.

With the extra large towel there are no limits, I even used it as a table cloth.  My favourite thing about Tesalate is that it does what it says, repels sand, is super absorbent and extremely versatile. But more importantly the XL towel is smaller than a kids towel, leaving you plenty of room in your beach or picnic bag for outings.

Sand free - leave the beach at the beach

Oversized beach towl - 160cm x 160cm

Ultra absorbent - Over 2 litres of water

Rapid-drying - half the time of a regular beach towel

Compact when rolled - fits in your bag


Tesalate Cool & Calm XL

Available from https://au.tesalate.com/




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