Telecafe Online Dating Service

Telecafe Online Dating Service

Jump start your love life today

Meeting men can be hard, particularly when it get's cooler and everyone stays home. Imagine the scene: you and your girlfriends are getting ready for a night on the prowl. You're all dolled up in your best little black dress, your hair is perfectly coiffed and you're giddy with excitement at what the night may offer.

Cut to three hours later: You had to walk for fifteen minutes in your sky high heels because you couldn't get a cab, the wind has flattened your hair, while you were queuing in the line to the club, it started raining (your suede heels will never be the same again). Now you're finally inside and the talent is sorely lacking. You're approached by countless drunk, socially inept Neanderthals and the only hottie in sight has a blonde on his arm with her claws firmly entrenched. What a waste of an evening.

All this effort to meet men when so many of them are waiting online, just a mouse click away! Telecafe Online have three lifestyle categories - Friends, Partners and Lovers, so you can immediately be sure you're on the same wavelength. Regardless of distance, location and working hours you can connect and chat to any of the large number of single men online without ruining your heels.

Now with over 45,000 members and growing daily, Telecafe Online enables you to set up a profile with a photo and up to 6 private photos. Search through other registered members and when the time comes you can send smiles, emails and even instant chat messages to the men of your choice in a safe and fun environment!

Why so many people are joining
  • Meet hundreds of cute guys who you may never meet in your current work and social situation
  • Convenience - for people who lead a busy lifestyle, you can log on and chat to people 24 hours a day!
  • Fun and safe - Your details remain anonymous until you feel you are ready to date offline! You can email other singles without giving out your email address.
  • Boost your self confidence - receive smiles and messages from other members everyday! Potential dates delivered to your inbox!
  • New to an area - If you have recently moved it is perfect for meeting new friends.
  • Advanced searching - search on specific criteria such as location, age, hair colour or even star sign
  • Avoid the awkward 1st date - Get to know someone and their expectations online before going on that all important 1st date!
  • Most of all, to enjoy single life and meeting new people!

    Telecafe no longer have an online presence.

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