Talk up your Business

Talk up your Business
Do you ever get tongue-tied when asked the simple question 'what do you do'? Do you dread public speaking and hate making cold calls to promote your business? Then business owner and author Mary Morel's tried and tested techniques will get you to 'Talk Up Your Business' in no time.

'Talk Up Your Business' is the follow up to Mary Morel's successful 'Promote Your Business', on effective writing for small business.

After running a successful business in New Zealand and then relocating to Australia, Mary says she completely underestimated the importance of contacts. "Moving to a new country forced me to evaluate how business contacts are made and I had to learn how to promote my business to maximum effect" says Mary. "After practising and studying how the most effective businesses talk about themselves, I decided to put this knowledge into practical how-to-guide for small business".

'Talk Up Your Business' is a must have marketing tool for all business owners and provides excellent tips on how to talk yourself to the top. Many businesses in Australia rely heavily, if not solely on word-of-mouth referrals and 'Talk Up Your Business' is a great way to fine tune this crucial essential public relations method.

Although small businesses in Australia are now enjoying a greater success rate than ever before, if you've even wondered where your personal marketing and PR skills need some preening, then Mary Morel has some great ideas for the subtler side of talking it up.

Some of the verbal marketing techniques 'Talk Up Your Business' covers include:
How to network successfully and make that crucial follow up call
Becoming a public speaker to promote yourself and your business
Making successful cold calls to gain business
Growing a network of referrals and contacts

Mary uses three fictional case studies (a restaurant, landscape artist and natural therapist) to illustrate ways that business can use each breath to pitch and win more business. 'Talk Up Your Business' also provides crucial advise on how to incorporate your marketing in all aspects of your business.

Distributor: Allen & Unwin
Author: Mary Morel
ISBN: 174114423X
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