Switch Breakfast Press Release

Switch Breakfast Press Release
What happens when Victoria's Top Cop and 400 women meet for breakfast?

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon will, officially launch the inaugural 2002 SWITCH ON Breakfast - an event to inspire women to use better working practices and to promote the value of mentoring and support amongst women.

At Hilton on the Park- Melbourne, Chief Commissioner Nixon will be presenting to more than 400 women representing a diverse cross-section of industry and the business-community, in paid and unpaid work. Giving personal insights into being the first women in Australia to hold the state's most powerful police position, her reflections on progressing in a male dominated industry will inspire and encourage women from all professions.

Other guest speakers include Laureen Deale, journalist, television news presenter and now producer of ABC's Jon Faine Program. Laureen will discuss what it's like to have survived current affairs and news - one the toughest and most competitive industries.

The SWITCH ON Breakfast is presented by SWITCH - a non-profit group founded this year by Yolande Abeling, Jenny Pearn and Sarah Baston. The Founders of SWTICH had each experienced, during their careers, unsupportive and overly competitive working environments. Each felt this behaviour was unnecessary and avoidable and so decided to form SWITCH and run the SWITCH ON Breakfast annually.

SWITCH founder, Sarah Baston explained, "by sharing experiences and knowledge women can see that it is wholly possible to advance in the work force without loosing our female identity - but rather embracing it for all the positive things it can bring to the job."

"We all face difficult working environments at some stage in our life and it is vital for women to consciously support and mentor each other and move forward together. The SWTICH ON Breakfast provides a fun forum for women to be inspired to adopt more positive working practices - an achievement much more easily talked about than done," Ms Baston concluded.

The event has attracted significant sponsorship and is utilising a unique format in contrast to traditional breakfast and speaking forums. Ticket sales will form a significant donation to The Smith Family's Learning for Life Program, an early intervention education program which supports disadvantaged Australian children.

The 2002 SWITCH Breakfast is being held at 7.00 - 9.00am, on Monday 15 July, at Hilton on the Park - Melbourne. For information about SWITCH see www.manoeuvres.com.au/switch.html.

Date: 15 July 2002
Event Time: 7-9am
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Hilton on the Park, Melbourne