The Sum Of All Fears

The Sum Of All Fears
Rating: ****

The world is on the brink of destruction again as writer Tom Clancy's "The Sum Of All Fears" hits the big screen. Back again is his favourite character Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) as a CIA desk jockey suddenly drawn into a plot by right wing terrorists to start a war between Russia and the United States.
Morgan Freeman plays Jack's CIA boss who tries to teach him the subtlety of Cold War politics. But when the terrorist's nuclear bomb goes off in Baltimore its up to Jack alone to try to expose the plot and prevent World War III. A fascinating script about politics and inner workings of the CIA keep this film alive and enjoyable. Though Affleck's Ryan is weaker than Harrison Ford's portrayal , there is still a lot of fun to be found those who enjoy a good spy flick.

Reviewed by: Richard Hamper

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