Success, Money and Prosperity

Life becomes an incredible feast of powerful experiences when you recognize all the incredible gifts, which surround you. You can have access to as much success, money and prosperity as you can imagine and allow into your life.

A major key to achieving the success, money and prosperity you desire in life is the ability to think creatively. Once you develop the ability to think creatively, you will have a great amount of wisdom and experience available to you, through the brilliant minds you are able to access, as well as your own.

A powerful way to place yourself on the path of creating success is to examine, your beliefs and attitudes towards money and abundance. What kinds of clichés have you been taught and have adopted into your life? Have you been taught that money doesn’t grow on trees, is hard to get, that rich people are filthy, and so on?

The first step you need to take in the creation of abundance is to become friendly with money, to feel good, powerful and abundant with regards to money You can do this by picking up money, looking at it, allowing yourself to relax and saying to it statements such as, I like you, I invite you into my life. Initially you may feel very strange about talking to a coin or a piece of paper. However, the attitudes and thoughts you send out have a lot to do with your energy, which will either attract money or repel it.

As a child I spent my first nine years in Russia, where poverty consciousness was rife, and people considered money to be something only crooks had. Decent people could hardly survive, so there was always a limitation of what people could have. This had a big influence on me in my teenage years, and early twenties, when I moved out of home. I would worry about having enough to survive each week. When I became pregnant and had my first child at 21, some people would look at me as if I was a lost cause and would always struggle.

At that point I decided that I wanted to be abundant. Then I began to affirm and notice the abundance I already had. I would walk into a park and think, ‘Wow how abundant am I to be able to sit in this beautiful park and smell the trees.” I would recognize that I was in an amazing country and I could have access to as many books, information and opportunities as I would allow myself. I started valuing myself, my family, friends, my talents and abilities.

I also decided to become friends with money, so everyday, I would look at a twenty dollar note or a fifty dollar note and talk to it. I would say how much I appreciated it, that I would like to pass it on, and I would also love it if it came back to me ten fold, or when I was particularly daring, one-thousand-fold. After a while I began to feel more comfortable with money, having it, using it, and sharing it.

When people pay me for my services as a healer, speaker, workshop presenter or author, I ask them to bless the money and then ask that it is returned to them in abundance. It is amazing to see the pleasure and the relaxation with which the money is usually given to me.

We do not have to live our lives with the limiting beliefs that our ancestors have lived with. If this is not the time to allow more prosperity in, then when is? Rather then having money control your life, allow yourself to learn how to play with it.

It is important to recognize that we have the ability to manifest great things in our lives as well as challenging and unpleasant experiences. It is interesting to note that it actually takes more energy to manifest what we don’t want, than what we would like. When you create what you don’t want, you lose energy and feel weakened, while when you create what you do want you feel pleasure and increase your energy.

A great affirmation to use is; "I manifest abundance with ease, grace and joy."

Part of creating a life of prosperity is knowing what you would love and then going for it. Too often people have an intention of something they would like to create and then settle for something less just because it is easier.

*Amanda, attended a workshop I ran, because she wanted to learn how to be more grounded and manifest greater things. She was a single mother of two little children and she needed a job. I asked Amanda to tell me about the kind of job she would like. She told me that she wanted to work in a company that cared about the environment and children, she wanted a sales position with all the perks of having a company car, good salary, computer, flexible hours, occasional travel and fun. She also told me that she needed to find this job within one month.

I ran some processes by her and she participated in all the course exercises. I thought that Amanda was on the right track. She had a clear intention of what she wanted and the willingness to go after it. Amanda was also willing to create the feeling she had already achieved her goal. Now she just needed to have trust and be open to divine inspiration.

During the month Amanda went to a few job interviews and received some offers. However, none of the jobs fitted her requirements. At the same time she was getting a bit desperate as time and money was running out. Fortunately, Amanda made a promise to herself that she was not going to settle and accept second best. She had done it too many times in her life before and this was going to be different.

A week before her one months deadline was coming to an end, Amanda was driving home from another disappointing job interview, when she asked herself, ‘What would be the best company I could work for?’ Not really expecting an answer Amanda kept driving when suddenly a name of a company entered her mind. ‘It would be great to work for them’, she thought, “I’ll call the company as soon as I get home.” Then her intuition told her, ‘CALL NOW!’

Amanda stopped on the side of the road, found the company number and called. To her amazement the owner of the company picked up the phone and told her that she was just in a meeting, talking to her partners about expanding and getting a new sales person.

They set up a meeting and Amanda got her dream job. Interestingly, Amada told me that after that time she had never been able to get straight onto the owner.

If you are thinking that this is unusual, then you are limiting your own powerful manifestation abilities.

The following exercise can help you to manifest more abundance into your life:
1. Relax. Take a few deep breaths and release any tension in your muscles.
2. Think of something you would like to have. Begin with something simple. Then say to yourself, ‘Divine Intelligence of the Universe, I'd like to order (place you wish).' If you have a time-frame it can be helpful to state it.
3. To finish say, 'Thank you!' and let it go.
4. Trust that you have been heard and that your desire will materialize soon.

It is important to note that your ability to let go and enjoy life right now will play an important role in how fast you receive your order. Remember, when you send a letter to someone you trust that the post office knows what to do and that the person you are sending the letter to will receive it. You don't call the post office every half-an-hour. If you have that much faith in the postal system, place the same trust in the intelligence of the universe. The less expectations you attach the quicker you will receive.

To help people achieve their aims I have created a powerful manifestation CD, titled Success, Money and Prosperity. This contains some very in-depth processes, which have created wonders for myself and my healing clients.*Emily was another workshop participant, who wanted to expand her manifestation abilities. She participated in an experiment of using the above mentioned exercise in order to test it. Emily gave a twenty dollar note to another participant, blessed it, closed her eyes, relaxed and asked the money to return to her ten fold within one week.

The following week I received an e-mail from her stating that she unexpectedly received $2000 from a family member who had previously never given her money.

After hearing some of the abundance exercises Anna*, (a former client) went and opened a savings bank account. Even thought she did not have any savings yet. Within two days she received and unexpected phone call from her employer telling her that she was getting an $800 bonus.

There are many exercises and ways to manifest abundance. It is important to ask, to be clear, trusting and grateful. The process for manifesting is very simple and enjoyable. All you have to do is be open to using it.

By Inna Segal

About the Author
Inna Segal is the creator of Inner Kiss' Healing and Visionary Intuitive Healing'. She conducts face to face, distance healings and workshops. She also created amazing CD’s for self healing, wealth, success, happiness, wellbeing and confidence. Inna is a highly sought after healer, writer and speaker who has appeared on National TV and media. For more information visit