Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong Interview

The original Stretch Armstrong action figure from the 70s is back to delight a new generation of kids!

More than 40 years on, Stretch hasn't aged a bit – featuring the original head sculpt, you can still stretch him and tie him in knots, before he slides back into his original muscle-bound shape.

The Original Stretch Armstrong
The brand new classic style Stretch Armstrong with original head sculpt is super strong and super stretchy! He can stretch over 5x his original size. Grab hold and pull the stretchable action figure's arms, legs and torso – then release him to see him retract back to his normal size and shape.
RRP $49.99

Stretch Armstrong is joined by his mates Mini Stretch, Mini Fetch, and Mini Octopus.

Mini Stretch, Mini Fetch, and Mini Octopus
These fully stretchable figures can stretch up to 5x their size. Grab hold and stretch their legs, release and they retract back to their normal size and shape. Super Strong! Super Stretchy!
RRP $24.99