Storm in a D Cup

Storm in a D Cup

Storm in a D Cup

Storm in a D Cup began after Esther Labi had a life changing, magical, bra-fitting experience. After wearing the wrong size bra for most of her life, Esther found her real size in a London bra store. But Esther quickly realised that living in Australia provided some barriers to getting her perfect English bras.

Esther realised she couldn't be alone, so in 2005 she opened up her home to thousands of women, and created Storm in a D Cup. Now based in a Bondi Junction, Storm in a D Cup carries over 50 sizes and 7,000 styles and has expanded nationally via its innovative website.

Storm in a D Cup aims to provide high quality, beautiful bras to women who aren't catered for in the mainstream market. With 45,000 bras in the stockroom, Storm in a D Cup is going back to the real world of the olden days of bras, relying on expert fitters and allowing customers to try on bras before buying.

Storm in a D Cup has several points of difference from all the other bra stores.

The most unique thing about the store is its massive range of bras both on the floor and in the stockroom. Most bra stores either display their whole stock, meaning there's limited range, or they encourage women to buy only the bras fitted to them by the fitter. Esther wanted the perfect mix of both, and so Storm in a D Cup offers expert fittings, and allows customers to wander through the stockroom, which Esther calls 'bra heaven'. Women are given an excellent fit and the opportunity to find bras they truly love.

Buy a Bra, Donate a Bra. This feature on the Storm in a D Cup website allows customers to add $5 to their order and have a brand new bra donated to Share the Dignity, Uplift Bras, Support the Girls Australia. Customers can also send in their ill fitting bras to donate.

The Bra Detective. If a customer's favourite bra has been discontinued, they can send a picture, their size, and the brand, and the detective at Storm in a D Cup will find the exact same bra, or bras from the manufacturer that fit the same way.

Virtual Fittings over Skype. Esther knows plenty of women who don't have time to come in to the store for a physical fitting. Women can book a session with an expert fitter, who will visually fit them over Skype.

One Hour Click and Collect. Customers can order bras online and they will be ready to collect in-store in an hour or less.
Storm in a D Cup is also committed to supporting emerging Australian designers, and the business stocks RAQ Apparel and My Cup Runneth Over.

What makes Storm in a D Cup Special?

Storm in a D Cup is unique in many ways. The large range of stock offered, and the chance for customers to look through the stockroom, is unique to the store.

Clients are almost 'always' return customers. Because the store offers sizes from 6D up, many teenage girls come in once and keep coming as they grow. Other customers come to Storm in a D Cup for their milestones - first dates, weddings, anniversaries, and maternity.

The key factor in Storm in a D Cup's approach is Esther's experienced, hands on approach. Having experienced marriage, childbirth, breast feeding and menopause, Esther understands how hard it can be to find a bra that fits well and looks good. Her commitment to her customers means she and her team will go above and beyond to make them feel good. Her team has delivered bras to the airport when a customer was going on a holiday, and to a client's house when she was unwell. Esther's drive is the biggest difference between Storm in a D Cup and any other business.

Where to now?

Esther, with her successful Bondi Junction store, is preparing to expand into New Zealand in August 2018.
The business will be activating its New Zealand website and selling online to the shaky isles from August this year. Women across New Zealand will now be able to buy items from Storm in a D Cup online and enjoy all of the business website's interactive functionality to assist with their purchases.
While her online store is highly successful, Esther believes there will always be a place for the instore experience and nothing can beat expert fittings and personal service. Esther's aim is to create both a physical and an online presence in all of the markets in which she operates.


About Esther Labi
Esther Labi, after suffering through an uncomfortable, inaccurate, bra fitting when she was 14, wore the wrong size bra for many years of her life. It was only when she was in London, shopping for a bridal bra, that she was finally fitted correctly.

After experiencing the wonder of a well-fitted bra, Esther couldn't go back to how she was before.
After moving back to Australia with her daughter, Esther wanted to set up a business. As a single mum, she was limited in her options.
At first she attempted to sell bras online, but then she realised how many other women would never have had a professional fitting, and she opened the doors of her home. A strong focus on service and a passion for bras has evolved into a highly successful store in Bondi Junction, a growing online store and international expansion plans.
With an emphasis on personal service and legendary staff, Esther has the created a bra store she wished for when she was 14.