Starting an Online Business For Dummies

Starting an Online Business For Dummies

Starting an Online Business For Dummies/ /

With the New Year bring more layoffs and cutbacks, many people are looking into other ways of making money. Whether it be freelancing on the side or finding a way to increase your company's online (and low cost) presence, Starting an Online Business For Dummies/ /gives readers the expert advice needed to build an online empire. It also includes strategies to identify the right market for the business, how to promote the site online using search engines, and the benefits of pay per click advertising and blogging. It's the perfect time to start expanding online!

The book shows readers how to:

  • establish, run and promote an online business
  • accept electronic payments - how to maximise profits with the lowest fees
  • develop and implement marketing & publicity campaigns
  • build website security - for the business and customers
  • understand search engine optimisation - increase the ranking
  • take advantage of Google's tools to spread the word
  • keep the business legal.

    A straightforward guide to setting up and maintaining an online business, Starting an Online Business for Dummies provides readers with expert advice on how to expand their online presence, boost consumer confidence, and increase profits

    Why did you choose to compile this book?

    Melissa Norfolk : I had wanted to write a book about online business for quite some time and was approached by Wiley Publishing about this title while I was at home nine months pregnant. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity and I would have spare time while I was at home on maternity leave. Little did I know how much a time a new baby would take up!

    The set out of the book is clear and convenient is this why you chose for it to join the 'for dummies' series?

    Melissa Norfolk : I first came across the 'for dummies' series a few years ago when I starting hiring staff for my business and purchased "Motivating Employees for Dummies". I found them to be easy to read, in plain English with lots of tips and examples and liked the fact that you didn't have to read them cover-to-cover and could pick out the chapters most relevant and read them in any order.

    So when I was approached to write "Starting an Online Business for Dummies" I was already familiar with the format of these books and thought it would be a great way to help those wanting to learn more about taking their startup or existing business online.

    Did you see a gap in the market?

    Melissa Norfolk : There are lots of technical books out there on web design, web programming or on individual aspects of online marketing such as using ebay. But not many that are a single reference that cover everything from business planning, registering your business name, choosing the right software and hardware tools, to setting up an effective website and online promotion techniques such as email marketing and search engine optimisation.

    Who is the book aimed at?

    Melissa Norfolk : For those individuals who want to start up their own business and can see the potential the internet offers, as well as for those who own a traditional bricks and mortar business and want to take it online. It assumes basic computer knowledge and ability to surf the internet.

    No matter whether someone has recently become unemployed, wants to supplement their income on the weekend or is ready for a fulltime career change - the book gives lots of examples of successful Australian and New Zealand online businesses to inspire others.

    Will it help those who don't understand the Internet and may be scared of staring an online business?

    Melissa Norfolk : It is important that readers have used the internet before, but the book is for individuals of all levels. It explains all the jargon in plain English and also has technical tips for the more internet savvy readers.

    How do you suggest business be safe on the Internet?

    Melissa Norfolk : When selling via the internet it is important to spend the time on developing a secure sales process and having a privacy policy to protect customers personal information.

    Also be aware and check for fraudulent transactions or any emails from people you don't know. It might be an offer of millions of dollars in US currency or an official looking email that appears to be from Ebay or an Australian bank. Always check the source of unusual requests BEFORE responding.

    Make sure your antivirus, spyware and firewall protection are always up to date on your computer, especially if your computer is online 24 x 7.

    Do not accept invitations to connect with people you don't know on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Why is now the perfect time to start expanding online?

    Melissa Norfolk : The current economy means that a lot of business are looking to reduce their spending while increasing sales and the internet is the most cost effective way to do this.

    Also, for those who have lost their job, had their hours cut, just finished studying or looking to supplement their income - the expansive growth of sites like eBay have made it possible for anyone to come up with an idea and promote it or sell it online quickly and easily.

    Melissa Norfolk the founder of Norfolk Internet Group, which builds search engine friendly Web sites and marketing-savvy email newsletters. An Internet expert, she speaks to business, school and community groups about effective use of the Internet, finding what you need online, Internet safety and online marketing. Melissa lives in Melbourne.

    Starting an Online Business For Dummies/ /
    Wiley Australia
    Author: Melissa Norfolk
    ISBN: 9780731409914
    Price: $39.95

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