Stabbed In The Back, Dinara Farina

Stabbed In The Back, Dinara Farina

A beautiful young woman with big dreams and a great career in IT emigrates from Russia to London, falls in love, marries, and goes to the hospital to have her first baby, a happy and healthy little girl. It's a modern-day fairy tale come true, until…she is rocked by pain unlike any she has experienced. She tells her husband, her family, her doctors, but no one believes her. The doctors do tests – but nothing. When she persists, they tell her it is all in her head – that she is making it up, that she is a stressed-out new mum, that she is losing it.

Broken down, eventually she starts to believe them, questioning her own sanity, suffering beyond belief... But she's not insane – and nor are they. The hospital has been hiding something. Her medical records have been falsified. And so her investigative journey begins. Is she is uncovering one of the most shocking medical cover-ups of the 21st Century?

If you are an expectant mother-to-be, or have experienced unexplained pain ever since childbirth, this book is a must read.

"The medical error I became victim to robbed me of my hopes and dreams in my new home country," explains the author. "But now I'm committed to educating others about informed consent in medicine, and raising global awareness for Arachnoiditis so professionals can work toward finding better treatments and a cure. What happened to me was bad, but I'm passionate about spinning it positively to help other women everywhere."

About the author:
Dinara Farina, born in Samara, USSR in 1977, grew up in Russia and got her Masters degree in English and Foreign Literature at Samara State University. She speaks four languages and has had a successful career in IT for over two decades, working and living in the UK since 2009.

A new author, Dinara is active in the global community of Arachnoiditis sufferers and hopes to bring awareness into the causes and drive more research into treatment of this debilitating condition.


Stabbed in The Back

Dinara Farina