Soothe Me Baby

Soothe Me Baby

Australian entrepreneurial business, Giselle&I, has developed Soothe Me Baby, an all-natural tea proven to provide relief from colic, stomach pains, nausea, bloating, wind and indigestion in babies and young children. The tea is an effective and tasty remedy that replaces the need to use chemical heavy pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, Soothe Me Baby tea only has one ingredient making it one of the most natural products of its kind. The active ingredient, organic Pimpinella anisum acts as a gastrointestinal relaxant helping to eliminate and expel gas.


Unlike other colic and wind relief products, Soothe Me Baby tea is a powder formula that instantly dissolves in boiling water, eliminating the need to carry tea strainers and large medicine bottles in your bag. Soothe Me Baby tea has been packaged in lightweight, beautifully designed sachets to provide relief in the simplest, safest and most convenient way.


Soothe Me Baby has been approved by the Australian Government Department of Health (AUST L 286 802) and can be used in babies as young as one month to children aged 10.


Soothe Me Baby is available for purchase online at
RRP $14.95 per box of 10 tea sachets.


Review: Interestingly this product also works on adults with gut/wind issues.  Easy to use and works well on babies to give much needed relief and parents good night rest.


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