Rainbow Lights Ladybird

Rainbow Lights Ladybird

Rainbow Lights Ladybird

A kaleidoscope of excitement, the Rainbow Lights Ladybird is an imaginative way for your child to learn colours, letters and more. Press Ladybird's antenna and watch the brilliant light show as colours spin and flash to the sounds of music. When the colours change from red to yellow, green and blue, imaginations run wild as Ladybird explores pretend play.

Press Ladybird's ABC button to hear songs that teach all 26 letter names and sounds. Love the learning fun with this cute little critter.

For toddlers from nine to 36 months, the Rainbow Lights Ladybird is available from July from Big W, good toy stores and online retailers. RRP $16.95.



Popping Colour Mixer Truck

The Popping Colour Mixer Truck provides a learning light show for your toddler.  Drop a colourful ball into mixer to change the colour of the truck.  Add another ball and mix the balls together to learn how to create new colours.  With three play modes, young construction workers can explore music, numbers, shapes and colours.  For musical fun, your child can  enjoy five colourful learning songs with more than 15 sound effects.   


Teaching skills, numbers, colours, music, rhythm and shapes, your child will love the learning fun. 


For toddlers from six to 36 months, the Popping Colour Mixer Truck is available from June from Big W, good toy stores and online retailers.   RRP  $24.95.


Review: Traditional toys that ignite imaginative play, hardy and great value.