Sony Christmas Guide

Sony Christmas Guide

Sony Christmas Guide

For Him

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers (SRS-X55 / SRSX77)

For the music-loving man in your life, a portable wireless speaker is a must-have. While small, these speakers pack a punch in terms of audio quality, so he can listen to his favourite tracks with uncompromised sound. The SRS-X55 and X77 are stylish compact speakers with a beat-dropping output power of 30W (X55) and 40W (X77) for powerful sound. Both feature Google Cast and Spotify Connect, providing more options to enjoy music. With both speakers boasting 10 hours of battery life, these wireless speakers are the perfect gift for any guy who enjoys the great outdoors.
SRS-X55: RRP $229.00
SRS-X77: RRP $449.00

20.1 Mega Pixel Cyber-shot RX100 IV (DSC-RX100M4)

One of the world's most advanced, versatile Cyber-shot cameras, the RX100 IV houses remarkable technology in a compact, durable body. Featuring 40x super slow motion video and high resolution 4K movie shooting, the RX100 IV makes an ideal gift for the budding videographer, allowing him to capture the action with incredible resolution and clarity. With built-in Wi-Fi so photos can be shared immediatelyonline and a variety of customisable controls, the RX100M4 will be his perfect photography companion.
RRP $1,399.00

h.ear in Noise-Cancelling Headphones (MDR-EX750NA)

Whether you're buying for your dad, partner or brother, men of all ages can listen to their music in style with the world's first digital noise cancelling High-Resolution Audio in-ear headphones. Battery-powered, state-of-the-art noise sensor technology filters out any unwanted sound for up to 16 hours to ensure a truly immersive experience wherever he goes. Available in Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink.
RRP $299.95

NW-ZX100 Walkman (NW-ZX100)

Sony's newest High-Resolution Audio compatible Walkman is the perfect gift for any man who wants to enjoy the highest sound quality possible, so he can listen to music just as the artist intended. The ZX100 Walkman delivers High-Resolution audio wirelessly in stunning quality via Bluetooth, so he can get even more out of his music without the hassle of wires. With a 45-hour battery life, large 128GB internal memory, and sleek, rounded aluminium frame, the ZX100 Walkman will allow him to enjoy his music on the go and in style.
RRP $799.00

For Her

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (SRS-X33)

The compact and light SRS-X33 is an ideal gift for any woman who wants great sound quality everywhere she goes. The SRS-X33 fits nicely in most bags, delivers an impressive 12 hours of battery life and features Bluetooth capability, making it the perfect portable music companion. A 20W power output means she can turn up the volume without distortion. The SRS-X33 is available in black, white and red.
RRP $249.00

h.ear on Headphones (MDR-100AAP)

Sony's h.ear on headband-type headphones blur the lines between technology and fashion, making it a great gift for the stylish woman in your life. The h.ear on headphones don't just look good, the padded, on-ear design also makes for a comfortable fit. High-resolution Audio compatibility and sound-enhancing technology means she can look great while listening to the highest quality audio. The headphones can be folded and packed into the matching pouch, making them a great travel companion. The h.ear on headphones are available in a variety of stylish colours so she can express her own style, including Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink.
RRP $299.95

NW-A25 Walkman (NW-A25)

The new NW-A25 Walkman comes in a variety of fun colours and features exceptionally clear High Resolution sound, making it the perfect gift for the music-loving lady in your life. With 16GB memory, an added microSD card slot for expanded memory and a 50-hour battery life, she will be free to listen to her favourite tunes for hours on the go. The NW-A25 Walkman is available in a range of colours including Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink.
RRP $279.00

a6000 Interchangeable Lens Camera (ILCE-6000)

The a6000 is the perfect camera for the photography aficionado. With a sharp focus in just 0.06 seconds, the a6000 will enable her to capture those fleeting moments, from spontaneous smiles to impressive action shots. The mirrorless a6000 is lighter and more compact than most DSLR cameras, so she can carry it with her wherever she goes, whilst still ensuring every frame is crammed with rich detail and texture. Wi-Fi capability allows her to quickly and easily share her shots to social media, and the Smart Remote Control feature connects with her mobile so she can remotely control the camera.
RRP $899.00

For the Traveller

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (SRS-X11)

The SRS-X11 speaker delivers powerful sound in a compact body and boasts a 12 hour battery life. It's a great beach essential and ideal for those on the go, as it easily slips into your bag. Its small size doesn't detract from big sound, with the speaker providing rich, deep, bass. The 'Speaker Add" function also allows two SRS-X11 speakers to be connected to create twice the sound power.
The SRS-X11 is available in black, white, red, blue and pink.
RRP $99.00

4K Full HD Action Cam (FDR-X1000V)

The Sony 4K Action Cam allows your adventure-seeking friend or family member to capture every action-packed moment in stunning 4Kquality. The 4K Action Cam records professional-quality video in a lightweight, splash-proof body. Add a range of accessories including a surfboard mount or waterproof case (sold separately) to make the ultimate gift for the adrenaline-seeker. Highlight Movie Maker software allows the traveller in your life to create a highlight reel from captured footage without having to edit all the footage, so they can share their travels along the way. They can even add their own soundtrack!
RRP $559.00

18.2 Mega Pixel Cyber-shot H Series (DSC-HX90V)

Carry less, shoot more. The travel friendly HX90V Cyber-shot camera from Sony is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to travel.
The world's most compact camera in its class, the HX90V makes for a lightweight, easy-to-carry camera that is also big on sheer picture quality. Solo travellers will love the 180-degree tilt LCD screen that allows easy retouching, so high quality selfies in front of monuments and landscapes are a breeze.
RRP $599.00

USB Portable Charger (CP-V5)

Perfect for people who are always hopping between destinations, this portable USB charger is great for travellers who always run out of charge at the most inconvenient times. The portable charger will allow the user to power up their smartphone, tablet or music player anywhere, anytime. The slim design also makes it easy to carry around without adding weight to luggage. Also comes in white.
RRP: $69.99

Wireless Bluetooth NFC Noise Cancelling Headphones (MDR-ZX770BNB)

From screaming children on planes to parties in the hotel room next door, travelling can get loud. These Sound Monitoring Headphones offer a much-needed peaceful escape, with the Noise-Cancelling function reducing up to 90% of ambient noise. These headphones also come equipped with Bluetooth for wireless streaming, meaning users can enjoy the music they love wherever they are and without the hassle of wires. 25 hours of battery life ensure a worry-free experience for everyday use, and the swivel-folding design offers easy portability.

For the Fitness Fanatic

Smart B-Trainer (SSE-BTR1)

Help your family and friends achieve their fitness goals with this training device that also provides excellent quality music. Wireless, lightweight, waterproof and non-slip, the Sony Smart B-Trainer features real-time voice coaching for motivational support while running.
Music is automatically selected to match heart rate for efficient training. For fitness fanatics who love showing off how far they ran and how many calories they burned, the Smart B-Trainer for Running companion app keeps graphs and logs of each run. Available in a variety of colours including white, black, green, yellow, blue and pink.
RRP $349.00

Smart Tennis Sensor (SSE-TN1W)

The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor is great for friends and family who are serious about improving their tennis game. The Smart Tennis Sensor fits into a compatible racquet and records data from the racquet in real time. The data can be viewed on a smartphone or smartwatch, delivering immediate feedback on swing, spin and speed. No matter their skill level, the Smart Tennis Sensor will help any tennis fan to learn how to play like the pros in no time!
RRP $249.00

Waterproof Walkman (NWZ-WS613)

The Waterproof Walkman is not just a great gift for runners and gym bunnies, but also for those who enjoy listening to music while doing laps in the pool. Available with 4GB capacity and up to eight hours of audio playback, the Waterproof Walkman makes it convenient for users to carry more music with them wherever they workout. A ring control makes the Walkman easy and intuitive to operate while on the move.
RRP $229.00

The Splurge Gifts

75 Inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart 3D with Android TV (KD-75X8500C)
Sony's latest 75-inch 4K TV is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come. With 4K X-Reality PRO, TV channels, DVD's, Blu-Ray, Internet videos and digital still photos can all be viewed in stunning detail. This TV also supports Google's latest Android TV operating system which offers a familiar user interface all smartphone users will feel at home with. Android TV opens up a world of entertainment from apps and games, to movies and TV shows. Find your favourite content using voice search and easily cast pictures, movies and music from your mobile, laptop or Mac straight to the big screen. The latest 4K Processor X1 enables stunning upscaling to 4K resolution, and TRILUMINOS display produces breathtakingly accurate colours.
RRP $6,999.00

128GB ZX2 High-Resolution Audio Walkman (NW-ZX2)

Give the gift of sound this Christmas with Sony's High-Resolution Walkman, designed to reproduce ultimate audio quality without restrictions. Unique audio technologies in the NWZ-ZX2 Walkman bring listeners closer to the spirit and intent of the artist's original performance, allowing for a fully immersive, Hi-Res Audio experience from practically any location. With 128GB of built-in memory and up to 60-hours of music playback per charge, the NWZ-ZX2 Walkman brings an audio experience like never before.
RRP $1,599.00

Digital E-Mount 42.4 Mega Pixel Camera Body (ILCE-7RM2)

Sony's newest flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the a7R II, is a must-have for serious photographers, offering cutting-edge image quality in a compact form factor. The a7R II interchangeable lens camera features the world's first back-illuminated CMOS sensor which allows the camera to reach new levels of quality, sensitivity and response speed. The a7R II eliminates the need to choose between high-resolution and high-speed or high resolution and high sensitivity. The camera also features an innovative 5-axis image stabilisation system that has been fine-tuned to support its high-resolution shooting capacity, as well as unrivalled 4K movie shooting performance.
RRP $4,499.00

Sound Monitoring Headphones (MDR-Z7)

A great gift for any audiophile, the MDR-Z7 High Resolution Audio headphones provide an elevated listening experience with new levels of detail. The MDR-Z7 headphones feature an uncompromising design philosophy that makes extensive use of advanced materials. The headphones completely envelope the listener's ear, revealing every musical nuance from powerful sub-bass lows to crystalline highs. Critical high frequencies are reproduced up to 100 kHz, providing a new dimension to music expression. With the MDR-Z7 headphones, a music-lover can be surrounded by crystal-clear audio all day long.
RRP $999.95