Smoother Movie Review

Smoother Movie Review
Cast: Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler, Dax Shepherd, Ken Howard, Mike White
Director: Vince Di Meglio
Screenplay: Tony Rasmussen, Vince Di Meglio
Genre: Comedy
Rated: M Moderate sexual references and coarse language
Running Time: 92 Minutes

Everyone Wants To Be Loved. Just Not This Much.

What would you do if your mother moved in with you and just wouldn't leave? When Noah Cooper, 29, is fired from his job as a therapist, he thinks his day can't possibly get worse. When he arrives home his already full house gets even crazier when Marilyn, Noah's overbearing mother arrives with her five dogs in tow needing a place to stay. Comedy ensues as Noah learns to deal with the pressures of finding a job, a wife who desperately wants a baby, and worst of all a mother who won't quit smothering!

My Verdict:
Noah Cooper (Dax Shepherd) loses his job as a physical therapist and when he arrives home he finds his wife's weird cousin from out of town, Myron (Mike White) has arrived earlier than expected to stay. Noah's wife Clare (Liv Tyler) arrives home and pursues the topic of the couples intentions to start a family. It's Halloween and upon answering the door, Noah finds his mother Marilyn (Diane Keaton) in a pumpkin costume begging Noah to let her stay as she's left his father Gene (Ken Howard). Noah reluctantly agrees and in walks Marilyn including her 5 dogs. Then the fun begins as Marilyn wreaks havoc with her manic personality and her unwillingness to leave as everyone tries to deal with the situation.

Diane Keaton takes the audience on a wild ride with her performance as Marilyn Cooper. She is neurotic, frazzled, over-the-top and over-bearing yet has good intentions towards her son and his wife. She believes her husband is having an affair and finds herself lost at 60 without many achievments to show for her life. Sometimes the wild ride lasts a little too long and the novelty of her antics soon wears off - surely no son would tolerate this behaviour from his mother (or would he?).

Dax Shepherd though, is equally frazzled by his houseguests but somehow manages to keep it together. He gets most of the good lines and uses his comedic timing well, especially trying various ways to lower his sperm count as he staves off a pregnancy with Clare. Liv Tyler is ok as Clare although at times her sweet innocent voice can become irritating. Mike White gets to really lay it on thick as the sponging houseguest.

Overall, Smother isn't so bad and is generally pretty harmless. It's got a few laughs, including some priceless moments from Marilyn's mother-in-law and a few messages about family relationships. Just be grateful that Marilyn Cooper isn't your mother or if she is like her, at least be grateful that you're not alone.

Rating : **

Christina Bruce


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