smiink Semi-permanent Lip Liner Pen

smiink Semi-permanent Lip Liner Pen

smiink Semi-permanent Lip Liner Pen

Nothing makes a look pop more than a pair of Ruby Red lips, and with lipstick's most iconic colour making an impact once again on the runways, smiink introduces smiink semi-permanent lip liner pen in ruby red!

A beautiful deep, rich pigment, Ruby Red is great wearing, long-lasting and guarantees excellent staying power. Offering up to 24 hours of colour, you can rock out in red lips with confidence and without fear of colour fade or smudging.

smiink inks are water-proof, smudge-proof, and for the lips, kiss-proof, which means no kissing-off your beautiful enhanced pout onto collars, coffee cups or napkins! Draw the line, colour in your lips and they'll stay put!

All smiink inks are made from 100% water-based vegetable dyes, which also means the formula is 100% 'transparent', allowing the colour of your skin to shine through the applied ink colour to give another optical effect.

Build your colour by slicking on more than one application, or for a high shine, glass effect, apply a lipgloss to finish.

smiink semi-permanent liner pens are Carbon Pigment-Free, Iron Oxide-Free, and Nickel-Free, and are not tested on animals. The new High Q Vitamin Ink Formula consists of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Panthenol, offering leading technology in one convenient product.

Aloe Vera energises the natural cell renewal, the blood circulation and the metabolism of the skin. Vitamin E works as radical inhibitor and improves the blood circulation. The human body can store Vitamin E, so that one application can have a long time effect. Panthenol has a healing effect on infection and skin irritation. It also supports the new formation of the skin cells and the regeneration of the skin. It improves the elasticity of the skin.

The sharp nib is ideal for perfecting a softer, finer, more even line application, and the innovative duo-tip nib means your pen will last twice as long! Simply pull out and flip over for longer lasting application!
Have fun with your bold rouge lip colour, with the knowledge that it won't budge!

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