shu uemura ultime8 cleansing oil

shu uemura ultime8 cleansing oil

shu uemura ultime8 cleansing oil

Katy Perry and Madonna's Trick For Removing Makeup Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


As great as wearing makeup can be, there's nothing quite like the feeling of taking it all off after a long day. But, removing it quickly, easily and comfortably is often a rarity. If anyone knows a thing or two about it's Katy Perry, Madonna and make up artist Gina Brooke.

"One of my favourite things I've implemented into my regimen is SHU UEMURA OIL to take off all the makeup. Because it gets it all off in one swoop. So, you do dry hands and then you put the oil here [on your hands], put it all on your face, and then you get a warm wash cloth...and it takes it all off in like two swipes," Perry says.

"I do this before nighttime, so it leaves a nice residue that is kind of like a bit of a moisturiser before you go to bed," Perry says.

"Madonna's makeup artist, Gina, showed it to me about eight years ago and I was like 'no,' but then she said, 'Madonna does it' and I was like, 'Alright, whatever it is, I'll do it. Fine!'" And there you have it, a Madonna and Katy Perry-approved solution that means you can stop using 1,000 makeup remover wipes each night. Win.


shu uemura cleansing oil was developed from the knowledge that mr. uemura gained while working as a foremost hollywood makeup artist in the 1950s. the secret to shu uemura cleansing oil is protecting the skin's delicate balance while removing make-up and impurities in a single step.

Infused with a cashmere texture that delicately lifts the toughest makeup and impurities off your skin, Ultime8 Complex awakens and revitalises skin cells, giving you the perfect canvas.

Essence of 8 exquisite botanical oils carefully sourced out from Chinese medicines and beauty oils all over the world
Removes all kind of make-up and impurities
Skin feels soften, conditioned, hydrated, nourished from within and glows with a new radiance

RRP $235 450ml available at select David Jones and online.

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