Duit Skincare

Duit Skincare

Ever felt your face, hands, feet SKIN altogether takes a brutal bash when it comes to the change of seasons, or just everyday LIFE!  WE DO!  And we have the perfect solution!


DU'IT was founded in 1998, thanks to the vision and the passion of co-founders Pynith and Zina (husband and wife).  Back then Zina worked in the hospitals and many of her patients suffered from dry cracked heels and foot skin conditions.


they tried many products but nothing helped them and that's when Zina decided she could make a difference.  Zina enlisted the help of her friend who formulated various skincare products to develop a treatment cream, that would not only help people with general skin problems but also target people with Diabetes.


After months of trial and error, working with pharmacists and specialists - Zina & Pynith came up with the perfect product that they then tried on family and friends.  They were so thrilled with the great results and received positive feedback from everyone.  That's when DU'IT was born.


Pynith and Zina believed passionately in their products and decided to give up their respective careers to work whole heartedly promoting their new product to pharmacies nationally and hospitals to help as many people as they could.


"We started the business in our home garage and spent the first five years packing boxes, calling on retail stores, doing face-to-face promos and celebrating every time an order came through."


As a result of vigorous and extensive research over many years, DU'IT are now able to offer a wide range of products made from naturally derived ingredients and easily renewable resources, for men, women, kids and babies.  DU'IT skincare products are here to help replenish and cure your skin of dry, sore and the uncomfortable feeling of your skin feeling totally exhausted.


The range now offers products ranging from hand and foot creams both for men and females, face creams, and an extensive range of baby products.  The brand can be recognised as an internationally well-known success, sold throughout the USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Middle East, Hong Kong and China.


Foot & Heel Balm PLUS

Visible effects within 5 days. DU'IT Foot & Heel Balm PLUS is an intensive heel balm formula containing  25% Urea. It's clinically proven and dermatologically tested to effectively re-hydrate, soften and protect feet – Suitable for people with diabetes.

RRP: $11.95


Vitamin E Face Cream

High potency 120iu/g or 12% of naturally derived Vitamin E = 6 times that of the standard Vitamin E cream. Neutralises free radical activity, combats dehydrated skin, fine lines and guards against premature skin ageing.

 RRP: $12.95


Tough Hands for Her

Tough Hands for HER is an intensive strength formula designed to repair, hydrate and protect dry, rough, calloused, and irritated hands. Easily absorbed and enriched with Vitamin E and sweet almond milk, it guards against pre-mature skin ageing and helps with skin regeneration for softer, younger looking hands.

RRP: $9.95


Roll-A-Balm Heel Balm

Uniquely formulated roll-on heel balm in an easy to use, no mess, no fuss approach to repair dry, rough, thickened and irritated skin. Containing 10% Urea, this super hydrating roll-on formula is non-greasy, easily absorbed and fast acting.

RRP: $12.95



Review: DU'IT was one of the first products that Girl.com.au & Femail.com.au reviewed back at our beginning in 1999.  The DU'IT products were remarkable then, and still have the same outstanding results today. To date DU'IT is our favourite skincare brand as the results speak for themselves, just outstanding.  I'm so happy to have these back in my hot little hands, a long term sufferer of psoriasis, DU'IT foot and heel balm was and still is my salvation.