VATEA Skin and Hair Care Range

VATEA Skin and Hair Care Range

VATEA Skin and Hair Care Range

The Australian-made and owned VATEA range brings the health and beauty of the South Pacific directly to your daily skin and hair routine. 100% natural, paraben and sulphate free, the sustainable range is made with plant oils and extracts including coconut, tamanu and moringa oils derived from the tropical region.

Founder, Sydney-born Elizabeth Johnston created the VATEA product range after becoming interested in the value of nourishing ingredients in skin and hair care products. She spent many years researching the natural, healing oils of the South Pacific to create gentle formulations suitable for everyday use.

Her high regard for skin health was instilled from an early age by her father, Russell McMurray, who was the co-founder of one of the world's most trusted brands in eczema and dry skin conditions, DermaVeen.

'Growing up, skin concerns were always a priority, and now with my own family, I want to make sure we are using natural products, free of parabens, sulphates and other nasties, to avoid harmful long-term impact on our skin and the environment. VATEA captures the vitality and purity of nature and provides a soothing, nurturing product for families to use every day," said Elizabeth.

To complement VATEA's natural ingredients, Elizabeth commissioned a local artist to design the packaging and capture the fluid and natural ocean and plant life the range represents.

Suitable for the whole family, the range includes:
Skin Care: VATEA Nourishing Body Wash (500ml, AUD$26.00), VATEA Soothing Oil Wash (250ml, AUD$22.00), VATEA Pure Body Oil (250ml, AUD$22.00) and VATEA Beautiful Moisturiser (100ml, AUD$22.00)
Hair Care: VATEA Kind Shampoo (500ml, AU$27.00), VATEA Nurturing Conditioner (500ml, AUD$27.00)

A certified organic VATEA baby range will be available soon.

Key Ingredients:
Tamanu Oil has been used for thousands of years by many cultures for its ability to both beautify and cure the skin. In the South Pacific, the tree held sacred status in tribal rituals and idols were carved out of Tamanu wood.

Moringa Oil comes from the Moringa Oleifera tree also known as the Drumstick Tree. The Ancient Egyptians placed the oil in the tombs of the Pharaohs and in Africa, the Tree is known as -The Miracle Tree'. The leaves contain anti-bacterial properties and 14 different enzymes said to be essential to human life. Oil is extracted from the seeds and contains soothing and hydrating qualities.

Coconut Oil is easily absorbed and does not upset the skin's natural pH level. When applied directly to the skin, it can be less greasy than other oils. VATEA uses both fractionated and refined coconut oil, making it lighter and ideal for massage and softer skin. Much of the coconut oil included in the VATEA range is procured from the farmers of the South Pacific.

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