SheMarketing Ten strategies for attracting and retaining a female database

SheMarketing Ten strategies for attracting and retaining a female database

SheMarketing; The science of marketing to women

Ten strategies for attracting, retaining and maximising a loyal female customer base.

Finally, the complete and definitive guide on marketing to women.

Women control over 80% of al household spending. They are earning more, spending more and accumulating personal wealth like never before. Yet few marketers have cracked the code of 'what women want'.

Whether you are marketing travel or technology, homewares or hardware, cars or childcare... in fact any product or service.... this book will give you all the tools you need to grab the share of the female market your brand deserves.

SheMarketing: The Science of Marketing to Women' gives you a step-by-step understanding of what makes women different to men and how those differences manifest themselves at the checkout.

You'll find over 50 examples and case studies from television, direct mail, magazine and online. You'll learn fact from fiction and a proven, no-nonsense system for gearing your marketing plan to harness a greater share of the growing female consumer dollar.

You'll Learn

Why women's wealth is exploding and what the future holds for the power fo the purse.

How men and women are different and how by understanding those differences you can target, understand and market to women more effectively.

The key social trends driving female consumer behaviour.

How to understand the unique and intricate needs of women at different life stages.

A ten-step process for acquisition, retention and maximisation of a loyal female customer base.

From Australasia's foremost expert on marketing and selling to women this book will give you al the insights, statistics, strategies and case studies you n eed to dramatically grow you female market share and turn every woman into a walking advocate for your brand.

According to Amanda Stevens (author), the most untapped consumer segment is Generation F - the 21st century cashed up female. Consider these statistics:

Women make over 80% of all consumer purchase decisions

Women 25-40 are the fastest-growing wealth demographic

For the first time since the first world war, there are more single women than married women

Baby boomer women aare the nation's biggest spenders

There was a 55% increase in single female property owners in the last decade

Single women have a greater proportion of their wealth tied up in property than single men

50% of women regularly purchase online

Review: An insightful and comprehensive look into ourselves as women, our motivations to purchase, and how as marketer, you can tap into loyal decision makers to make your business more profitable. Amanda Stevens unravels the The butterfly effect - the four female life stages, and how to recognise your most appropriate market to target loyal customers to increase your ROI.

Insightful, informative and practical advice to help you capitalise on todays cashed up female market.

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