Freelance for Australians for Dummies

Freelance for Australians for Dummies

Freelance for Australians for Dummies

Freelance for Australians for Dummies provides you with everything you need to make the leap from employee to being your own boss. It is a complete guide to starting and running a freelancing, consulting or contracting business. It has expert tips from the authors who have enjoyed being full-time freelances without the stress!

It you want to strike out on your own or kick-start your existing business, Freelancing for Australians for Dummies will have the answers. It covers how to:
Form your business and budget your time
Evaluate jobs and projects
Organise your office
Create a professional image, land new business and manage client relationships
Build an extend staff
Protect yourself legally
Manage your money and pay your taxes
Plan for your future using superannuation and secure insurance. Stay current in your industry.

Susan M.Drake has been a communications professional for more than 25 years, providing communications counsel, planning corporate meetings, writing speeches, and designing marketing plans.

Monica Davidson is the founder of Freelance Success Australia, which provides support and training for people working for themselves in the arts. Monica conducts workshops on the practicalities of freelancing across Australia, as well as publishing a monthly newsletter entitled AdHoc. Based in Sydney, Monica also is a filmmaker and producer dedicated to producing independent documentaries and short films.

Review: Take the first step to independance with this easy to follow step-by-step guide, extremely helpful on covering what you need to know.

Freelance for Australians for Dummies
Wiley Publishers
Author: Susan M.Drake and Monica Davidson
ISBN: 9780731407620
Price: $39.95


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