Corporate Gifts Ideas

This is a helpful guide for all those secretaries and employees who need to find the right gift for a corporate Christmas. Finding the right corporate gift that is unique can be very difficult and time consuming, and no-one has time around Christmas! Below are some helpful hints on how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Corporate gifts are needed all year round, not just at Christmas so complied below is a list of impressive and exciting gift ideas that can be used for Christmas or when you need to provide a thank you gift to an employee or client. You spend all your time impressing and entertaining clients so your gifts need to be unique and personalised if possible. The idea with a corporate gift is to leave a lasting impression whilst providing joy.

Corporate gifts are not only hard, as sometimes the gift is unable to be personalised or you cant decide what to give. The gifts need to stand out of the crowd amongst other gifts, which may be larger. Gift baskets have become the ideal corporate gift, as they are ideal for big companies to provide to all employees and working acquaintances, they are not ideal if you want to stand out of the crowd though.

Gift baskets can contain all types of goodies, related to Christmas or not, most contain a bottle of alcohol and the price of this alcohol normally determines the price of the basket. Items such as fruit cakes, jams, sauces, treats and chocolate surround the chosen drink and create a delicious basket of luxury that is fun to open and consume.

Gift baskets can also be filled with fruit, biscuits, muffins, flowers, luxury items, perfume or soaps they dont just have to contain food. As gift baskets have become one of the most popular corporate gifts many shops and websites have began businesses creating these baskets for you, where all you have to do is choose what price and whether it be sweet or savory!

If gift baskets arent suited to your business or price range there are many other personal and successful presents to consider.

Gift vouchers are a great idea for large groups; choose a local restaurant, movie tickets, personal training sessions, beauty vouchers or even an online store. Decide a reasonable price and the voucher can be sent out in personalised card to all of those you wish to provide a gift for. Also you may find that if you purchase a large quantity at a time you receive a discount! Choose a store with a spark, which is creative and enjoyable whilst still reflecting your business and gift needs.

Companies now provide the facilities for corporate gifts to become promotional merchandise at the same time, this means your chosen gift can also be customised and increase your brand awareness whilst being a gift. You present can have a logo; a small greeting, be signed your business, a website address or have artwork related to your corporate industry. Smaller ideas that can become customised gifts are key-rings, decks of cards, USB drives, thermal travel mugs and bottles of wine or other alcohol with personalised labels. Other ideas are golf balls, watches, clocks or mobile phone stands. Bigger items again are products for the barbeque, umbrellas with labeling, kitchen utensils, overnight bags or cooler bags and cuff links.

A specialty for Christmas is to personalise a Christmas ornament such as a Christmas ball, as they are round and names can be written on them perfectly well and then your business will be remembered every year at Christmas time as the tree is put up.

Choosing a book or magazine for the whole office may also be a great idea, an auto-biography or the newest cooking book sensation or even subscriptions to home or recipe magazines are always a hit. Books and magazines can still be personalised with writing on the inside cover, stickers work well for this type of customising.

Regardless of the purpose behind your gift there are various ways of personalising a gift for a client or employee who deserves to be rewarded, regardless of the time of year.


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