Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed

Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed
For years it's been the men that have held the busines lime-light. Think about it - Gerry Harvey, Dick Smith, Lachlan Murdoch and the rest; all household names. However, a new book is set to change all that and give our Aussie business women the recognition they deserve.

The ground-breaking book titled 'Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed' takes ordinary people up-close and personal with seventeen women who have each built multi-million dollar companies.

In a surprisingly candid way they each share their personal success journeys, and how more women can discover their own entrepreneurial talent.

Featrued in the book is written material by such names as Sue Ismiel (Nad's), Joanne Mercer (Joanne Mercer Footwear), Katrina Allen (Dejour), Sonia Amorosa (FatBlaster) and Sandy Forster (Wildly Wealthy Women).

Co-author Dale Beaumont recognised the need for this book after a tip-off from his entrepreneurial wife. "She told me that she was sick of reading business books by macho-males. So I said 'let's do something about it' and we did."

"Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed" is donating 10% of profits to the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia.

In "Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed" you'll learn:
  • The skills involved in starting and running your own business
  • How to establish clients and deliver professional service
  • The secrets of networking and creating business partnerships
  • Creative tips to finding and training your support team
  • How to recieve media publicity and lots of free advertising
  • Unique ideas for expanding your business around the world
  • How to effectively balance business and sucess and family life

    Featuring wrtten material by:
    Sonia Amoroso (Cat Media)
    Joanne Mercer (Joanne Mercer Footwear)
    Margaret Lomas (Destiny Group)
    Suzi Dafnis (Pow Wow Events)
    Sue Ismiel (Nad's Hair Removal)
    Kirsty Dunphey (M&M Harcourts)
    Amy Lyden (Bow Wow Meow)
    Sandy Forster (Wildly Wealthy Women)
    Sue Whyte (Intimo Lingerie)
    Tanya Hamersfeld (Corporate Training Australia)
    Kristina Karlsson (kikki.K)
    Suzy Yates (Bay Street Mediaworks)
    Kristina Noble & Simone Babic (Citrus)
    Shelley Barrett (ModelCo)
    Elim Chew (77th Street)
    Carol Comer (High Impact)
    Katrina Allen (Dejour)

    Available through all good book stores.
    RRP: $32.95

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