Schwarzkopf Professional BC Colour Save

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Colour Save

Found the ideal colour? Keep it right up to 30 washes later.

Schwarzkopf Professional relaunches the proven performer - BC Color Save. Designed specifically to prolong colour intensity and enhance shine, BC Color Save also protects against fading caused by UV rays, ensuring healthy and vibrant hair with long-lasting colour brilliance.

Discover the ultimate in hair colour maintenance. BC Color Save's unique innovative formula guarantees stunning colour retention for up to 30 washes, using the enriching properties of Moringa Oleifera and the latest in shampoo technology.

The BC Color Save range also contains the new BC Color Save Sulphate-freee shampoo, a new technology selected fro its gentleness to colour pigments. Traditional washing agents are replaced to cleanse hair gently and efficiently without stripping away the colour for intense and long-lasting colour brilliance - even after 30 washes.

The comprehensive range includes:

BC Colour Save Shampoo - designed for daily cleansing of colour-treated, bleached or highlighted hair.
* new sulphate-free technology prevents the stripping of colour pigments, reinforcing the hair outer structure
* seals and protects hair from colour fade, providing healthy colour brilliance
* gently cleanses colour-treated hair and protects against colour fade during the shampoo process with the colour stabilizer
RRP: $25.95

BC Color Save True Silver Shampoo - for lightened, bleached and white hair; also freshens and neutralises yellow tone
* cool colour pigments neutralise yellow tones from blonde or white hair
* blue, violet pigments enhance silver tones in white hair
* smoothes and improves comb-ability
RRP: $25.95

BC Color Save Conditioner - an emulsion conditioner for daily use provides perfect colour maintenance. Designed for normal to coarse textured hair.
* colour stabilizer seals and protects hair against fading by retaining the dye pigments and provides longer lasting colour intensity
* special UV-filters well known in skin protection creams, protect the hair from environmental fade and damage.
* smoothes, protects and improves comb-ability.
RRP: $25.95

BC Color Save Spray Conditioner - a light emulsion spray that smoothes, enhances shine and does not overburden the hair. Ideal for daily maintenance and protection of normal to fine textured hair.
* a high concentration of special UV filters prevents colour fade and protects the hair against UV rays
* White phase provides UV protection and care. Pink phase provides care and improved comb-ability
RRP: $25.95

BC Color Save Colour Care Injection - a concentrated treatment to reinforce the inner hair structure for colour brilliance and suppleness.
* colour save technology seals and protects the hair against colour fade by retaining the dye pigments.
* a high concentration of special UV filter provides long-lasting protection against UV rays.
* a high concentration of intense RepHeat care proteins provides deep intensive repair of the inner structure.
RRP: $25.95

BC Color Save Coloured Ends
* repairs hair breakage
* prevents split ends
* protects colour against fading for healthy colour brilliance
* detangles and improves comb-ability
* protects the coloured hair structure
RRP: $18.50

The BC Color Save range is available nationally from Schwarzkopf affiliated salons.