Saving is like Dieting and Budgets Don't Work - Susan Jackson

Saving is like Dieting and Budgets Don't Work - Susan Jackson
As our Australian Olympians return to fame and glory, recognition needs to be given to another sport in which Australians excel. That sport is, of course, the art of retail spending.

With figures showing we continue to spend more than we earn, if there were a consumer Olympics, Australians would be gold medal winners. We could compete in events such as the bargain table sprint, shopping bag lift, synchronised shopping, shop-swipe and sign or credit card baton relay, just to name a few.

In today's world, more and more individuals are finding ready access to credit, electronic banking and clever consumer marketing make it all too easy to part with hard-earned cash. As an ageing population, the need to save for the future becomes an increasing priority yet our debt seems to grow faster than our retirement savings.

Melbourne based financial planner and money coach Susan Jackson has been assisting individuals to learn better money skills for over 15 years and believes taking back control of our cash is the foundation of creating long term financial security. So much so that she has embarked on a mission to help Australians change their spending ways.

Last month Susan released her new book 'Why Saving Is Like Dieting & Budgets Don't Work' and describes it as like the zone diet for your money. "Most people don't relate or have much long term success with the one size fits all standard budgeting approach and instead need to understand and develop strategies that suit their particular money personality and situation". With it's easy to read format and practical strategies it is no surprise to find the book is in hot demand.

Susan also believes we need to revisit some of the old fashioned ways we used to manage money and advocates a return to the use of a piggy bank. So in addition to the book you can also obtain Priscilla and Presley, the pig out pigs, that come complete with feeding instructions.

"We have been a bit overwhelmed by the response to the Priscilla and Presley - everyone loves them and nearly everyone makes a comment about why don't we have piggy banks any more as after all they worked so well in the past"

The piggy bank not only helps you to save but also demonstrates how small amounts of money add up over time. Susan's aim is now to try and get at least one piggy bank into every Australian household.

The standard 'one size fits all' budgeting approach only suits a small percentage of the population and changing money habits is not easy. On paper it all looks so easy but months pass with the projected surplus failing to materialize.

Why 'Saving Is like Dieting & Budgets don't work' looks at the realities of money management in the modern world and provides practical advice and strategies. It is a practical guide to getting rid of budgets and getting back control of your finances.

Designed to help you better understand your money behaviour, it is no textbook theory but rather practical experience, strategies and stories distilled down from over 10 years of helping clients improve their money management skills.

Topics include why budgeting is bad for you, understanding your money persona, how to find the right system, taming the spending devil, retaining disobedient credit cards, surviving post natal recession and why everyone needs a money buddy and a pig out pig.

An enlighting and useful book that tells it like it is. If you could use some help in saving some money I'd definitely recommend this book, puts everything into perspective and yes I'll admit it now I'm a justifier, but at least I now I'm equipped to tackle my shopping downfalls.

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