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Revolutionising the Advertising, Marketing and Small Business industries is a free and revolutionary new portal to consumers allowing for the attainment of competitive quotes in one easy application, effectively removing the time consuming and traditional method of ringing around for the best quote. It empowers both Advertising and Marketing professionals, and small business owners to work smarter and not harder in making the most of their budgeted dollars, and importantly their time. is the largest database of Australian Advertising & Marketing companies, businesses and services aiming to cover all possible jobs required to advertise or market a client's products, services, brand, company or organisation; over 10,000 suppliers to date and growing including printers, graphic designers, commercial production companies, radio advertisers, billboard designers, merchandisers, direct mailing services, telemarketing businesses and advertising agencies, among others. The need for the site has been proven with 9000 suppliers signing up within 31 days.

Consumers simply register online once with Then use the password they are supplied with each time to log on and list the job for which they require a supplier, and all relevant requirements. The relevant suppliers will respond with their quote amount in the time period nominated, and at the close of the quoting period, the consumer will have the best quoted of the supplier bidders. At this time, Ibidam.comwill put the consumer and supplier in contact, and charge a small commission of 2.5% to the winning supplier which was included in the quoted price to ensure it remained under the client's budget. For all future jobs, the consumer simply follows the same steps or repeat a previous job. They can list as many jobs as needed, at any time, and better still it is free if iBidAM cannot better the price your have previously paid or meet your required budget. Ensuring you get what you paid for.

Founded by Entrepreneur Marketing and Advertising Professional, Louise Schultze, the company is now run with an eclectic Board of highly intellectual but somewhat eccentric members. Together, the Board combines over 45 years experience in their respective fields, and in addition to Louise includes titles as broad as Systems Engineer, Nuclear Physicist, Ex Head of School – Victorian University, Game Show Enthusiast, Ultimate Frisbee Elite Sportsperson, philanthropist and humanitarian and Partner in Accounting Firm, among others. Please view the backgrounder on board members for key details, and contact for interview opportunities.

The IbidAM site has undergone a series of rigorous planning and research stages prior to launching to ensure the process for clients and suppliers is as efficient, comprehensive and effective as possible. The initial aim of the site is to promote competitive quoting by interested suppliers to ensure the best outcome for the consumer. Further, the developers have taken additional steps to ensure that the site is as comprehensive advertising and marketing tool as possible; not only for professionals and business owners, but also to students in the advertising and marketing areas.

The Evolution of
Over a 10 year period Louise Schultze, the CEO of, dealt with budgets in small, medium & large business, charities and organisations. The concept & design of came from the demand of these industries to cut the costs of their advertising and marketing budgets, but still maximise the coverage to their cliental and prospect market. However, like most in the Advertising and Marketing industries and small business owners who are preoccupied with their every day duties of their role, there isn't enough time to ring several printers and designers to compare costs every time they need a job done. Briefing one supplier to quote is often time consuming enough. So, Louise developed However, this business goes a step further; using the success of the company to realise her dream and passion for a new Salem Australia welfare refuge initiative.

How does this fit in with Salem International, Louise's passion and goal behind
Louise was born into a family of ten and in addition to becoming a jack of all trades, was raised with a focus on the importance of each individual having the power to make a difference to those less fortunate, and doing their bit to give something back to the world. Louise's family has always helped people in need; her Aunt has spent his life as a missionary in China, and Grandparents in the NT.

As a child, Louise had a recurring dream, of being surrounded by people and children. At first she interpreted that this was a sign for her to enter the entertainment industry, one of her first loves; together with acting, singing and dancing. Though realised on her time at Palace Head Office, that although it was a most enjoyable and party place of meeting celebrities, writing film reviews etc, it wasn't her -calling' per say.

So Louise referred back to her childhood and being drawn to the orphan child stories like Annie when growing up. Louise was always well suited to working with and taking care of children, so her interest in orphanages and the opportunity to help foster children and children generally in need is a natural progression. In 2002, Louise learnt of the Salem Initiative in Germany and whilst 6 months pregnant with her first child travelled there unplanned for 1 month of volunteering; to scrub floors and to learn about the initiative and structure.

Unfortunately some time after, Louise sold all her assets and bought a house in her partner's name, so that when she was asked to leave, she didn't have any money other than her first business TBS and the pension to support herself and her child. Louise was resourceful in making own shampoo, cleaning products etc to save money, and had to put the plans for Salem Australia on hold to get her grounding again. Out of trying times, was born.

When she returned to Australia, Louise researched into foster children, government funding, the welfare sector and existing charities to form a solid and holistic understanding of the issue, then integrated this information into a business plan for a Salem Australia refuge. Her efforts led her to foster children herself, which Louise still does today, and kept journals and graphs of their experiences and development.

In part of the research and planning, Louise met with the CEO of Berry Street, a child welfare organisation, who presented an interest in the opportunity to work together on the refuge concept. Louise began providing her data to Berry Street for use in progressing the initiative, and donations began being made to Berry Street for the development of the refuge.

In August 2006, Louise was asked by Kilmany Uniting Care to take part in a three day congress to discuss the Resicare and Foster care structures of Australia and other countries, including the UK and Canada, as well as leading best practice societies as Switzerland and Sweden. As a result of the congress, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks campaigned for and donated millions to Victorian charities that had concepts or existing facilities to address the increasing issues around child welfare.

Fortunately, Berry Street was granted some of the funds and developed a -country retreat', but unfortunately Louise was left out of the final stages of the development of the refuge. Louise retrieved the donations made so far to Berry Street, so that they could be channelled to the Salem Australia refuge, as the dollars are essential to the start up. Louise is glad that Berry Street has developed the retreat, as although it isn't the same blueprint as the Salem Australia refuge planned, Louise's vision was used in its planning, so it is the best current facility for aiding children and families at the current time.

In 2007, Louise was invited as an International Guest & Study of Director & as Management for Salem Head Office Australia, at Salem International's 50 year Anniversary in Stadsteinach Germany, Zelenogradsk Russia. Louise was fortunate to learn of the other Salem initiatives taking place across the world, each based on the individual needs of that particular country, and run as a sustainable and profitable charity organisation. She met representatives from each and gathered valuable insights and information. For these three months, Louise spent her time learning of the Salem structure, and received training and to discuss the plan for Salem Australia.

Making the Salem Foster Care Initiative a reality:
The original plan to raise money for the initiative was for Louise to buy and sell real estate; buying her first home at age 20. Secondly as a joint venture with Berry Street to develop the home in unison with the charity. Now, finally the pieces of puzzle have come together, as Louise has launched and continues to manage as a sustainable profit making initiative. The dividends of Louise's 60% shares in are allocated to the construction and maintenance of a Salem Australia children's refuge centre, with support funding to be campaigned for with local and government grants.

Louise has located the ideal property for the refuge, and has spoken with the owner, ready to make the site a reality by January 2009. Set on 50 acres of rolling hills, surrounded with pine forest and rainforest, the house site is 2km from beautiful waterfalls and a creek. A tranquil setting to house an eco friendly dual parent/child welfare refuge, that will allow for the education of families on the simplest of life skills e.g. hygiene through to schooling for children, accommodation with live in welfare staffers, on site schooling and counselling, and extra therapy initiatives such as working with animals and swimming.

The programme is based on the Salem program in Germany, with some adjustment to adapt to the Australian way of life and welfare issues. Through her experiences volunteering, particularly in the soup vans and handing out food on the streets, it became clear to Louise that children are suffering because they are seeing and unconsciously repeating the same life cycle as their parents and environment. That the only way the problem of recurring cycles can really ever be stopped, is to help break the habit by removing the -family', not just the child from the situation. The essential part of the program is that it is a last resort and final opportunity for parents to try something, before their children are taken away and placed with other families or foster care.

Louise is a multitasking single mother, CEO of and a foster care worker, so is aware of the struggles that life can offer. During the difficult patches in her life as a mother, Louise recalls nights slept in her car and living off coupons to get by. She also knows that the lack of welfare for children is not simply due to parent neglect or a lack of love. There are other dynamics at work, which is where the Salem Australia Refuge can step in to address the issues, but also break the pattern; assisting those in need, both the Parents and Children.


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