Rejoining the Work Force

Rejoining the Work Force

Returning to the work force after an extended leave can be a very exciting yet daunting process as after time off you may feel less confidence and component. It is important to remember you've added and developed to your skills whilst you have been away from the workplace and there are a number of steps you can follow to successfully rejoin the work force.

First thing first, decide on the type of employment you'd like to begin including casual, part-time or full time employment and in which career field. It is important to choose a job and position that will allow you to easily slide into the new role whilst still allowing you to work with other responsibilities. Once you have decided which type of work you'd like to begin, you will need to organise an up-to-date resume. Include on your resume that even though you might not have been doing paid work, you have still learnt and developed skills that a relevant in the workplace. If you have a spare hour, take time out to write down your current skills that are important to the job industry you are hoping to return to, this will make it easier to create a resume and answer job interview questions.

If you're uncertain as to which career field you'd like to work in, assess your current skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments to generate a list of appropriate jobs. Once you have your list, research the work opportunities that are available to you and then read extensively about the career. It is important to network with people who are already in that field and use their information as a resource and they may even be able to find you some on-the-job experience!

If you have been out of the workplace for a number of years you will have to accept there have been changes in the workforce take each in your stride and learn to accept the differences. Depending on your circumstances you may need to upgrade your skills before returning to work, especially important is computer skills and a course may be necessary. Alternatively, ask someone to train you on common updated software packages or attend a short class at a local TAFE or community hall so you can clearly state on your resume which programs you can use, confidently.

Of course you will encounter certain obstacles when returning to the workforce and although it might not be easy you are certain to have qualifications that overcome any of the shortcomings you feel may hold you back from career success. It is important to present yourself confidently so that you feel strong and your employer can see you have confidence in your own abilities.

It can be very daunting to return to the workforce and keep up with family commitments, as a parent. It is important to share your concerns with others who have a full-time job, children and the same commitments you have as they have tips to help you transition back into the work force. Alternatively, if you are returning to the workforce after an illness, it is important to gradually take the steps towards full-time employment and to not over do it.

It is important to understand it will take time to successfully reenter the workforce and you will need to stay confident and not be discouraged by long processes and numerous applications. Continue to send resumes and go to interviews until you are offered a job.
Best of Luck!