Reinventing your Career

Reinventing your Career

Wondering how to get your career back on track? Wanting to feel passionate about your employment or do you want to reinvent your career to begin a new chapter in your career life?
Pondering over these questions is the first and most important step to reinvention as change cannot happen without goal setting. Your ultimate goal will be achieved by organising priorities and setting short term goals.
An example of a short term goal is to change your attitude about working, all jobs have highs and lows and by accepting this and remembering the highs it will be easier to feel confident providing you with the ability to efficiently manage challenges.

Sometimes the best way to reinvent your career is to begin a new chapter in your career life and change your job. Often people stay in their current jobs as they are not sure what they'd like to do next, deciding you are unhappy in your job can mean you need to change your job or workplace.

Remember your career skills can be utilised in all jobs, spend an hour writing a list of the skills you have that can transfer to any job, including those you learnt in your first job. Once you have written your list you can browse online job sites for other opportunities that match the skills you have on your list and work on a polished resume to ensure you can find your career passion.

Networking is an extremely relevant key to enhancing your professional contact base which can increase your likelihood of reinvention as you can learn from those who are working in the industry you are hoping to have the opportunity of working in whilst learning about careers or upcoming jobs that you may not have seen advertised, as of yet.

Having a job you thoroughly enjoy won't always happen but if you use your skills, time and set goals to succeed you will find a job that excites and inspires you, daily.

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