Red Nose Day 2021

Red Nose Day 2021

On Friday August 13, 2021 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre lit up the building in red to show support for Red Nose Day.

Funds raised on Red Nose Day over the last 30 years have resulted in an incredible 85 per cent reduction in sudden infant deaths. That's 10,857 babies saved and counting.

Red Nose Day has sparked a global movement and catalysed research into the reasons why babies die suddenly in their sleep.

Because more than 3,000 babies still die suddenly and unexpectedly each year in Australia. We are losing them to stillbirth, SIDS among other things.

3,000 little lives taken before they've had the chance to grow up – that's 9 little lives taken every single day. And 9 Australian families devastated, every single day.

MCEC is proud to have shown their support for those in the community who have been affected by sudden infant deaths.

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