World Maths Day

World Maths Day

World Maths Day:  Registrations open for the largest online global maths competition


Maths trivia


  1. What is the only number spelt in alphabetical order?
  2. What is the only number that has the same amount of letters as it's value?
  3. What letter is in every odd number?
  4. What is the only even prime number?
  5. What is the only value that is the same in celcius and fahrenheit?
  6. Where might zero and love have the same meaning?
  7. In what book was the earliest record of a lottery?
  8. What is the only number that is twice the sum of its digits?
  9. A beehive is a natural tesselation of what shape?
  10. What is the only letter not to appear in the spelling of numbers?



On Wednesday 8th March, school-aged students from across the globe will take part in a celebration of learning as World Maths Day returns.

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World Maths Day is back for 2023, giving students around the world the chance to flex their numerical muscles in the largest online global maths competition.


Powered by Mathletics, the award-winning online maths program millions of students and teachers turn to for maths, World Maths Day is a fantastic, free, all-inclusive event open to schools all around the world.

Registrations are now open at and teachers and educators are encouraged to register their Mathletes for this unmissable event on Wednesday March 8, 2023.


In the 16 years since the event started, 10 million students have answered in excess of 1 billion maths questions and 2023's version is showing no signs of slowing with over 10,000 schools across 150 countries expected to participate on the day.


"We're delighted to be celebrating our sixteenth year of the World Maths Day global challenge.  World Maths Day has become a competition that students around the world look forward to each year", said Mathletics Chief Product Officer at 3P Learning, Katy Pike.


"Maths isn't just about numbers, maths skills are skills for life - developing reasoning, creativity, abstract and spatial thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. World Maths Day provides a platform that encourages students to have fun with maths in an engaging way."  Added Katy Pike.


World Maths Day allows students to test their skills and compete against peers from

around the world in 20 live one-minute Mathletics challenges. The goal is to get as many questions correct as you can within one minute, have fun and be crowned the winning mathlete. Winners are awarded prizes, trophies and more, and through the day students also participate in fun activities that celebrate the wonder of numbers.  


World Maths Day dates all the way by to 2007. Since then, it has grown into a phenomenal celebration of maths. Uniting the world in numbers, World Maths Day sees schools, parents, and kids from 150 countries get excited about maths, dress-up, and have fun completing billions of questions.


In Australia, 100,000 students are expected to participate in World Maths Day.



Trivia Answers:

  1. Forty
  2. Four
  3. E
  4. 2
  5. -40
  6. Tennis
  7. Bible
  8. 18
  9. Hexagon
  10. C


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