Involving Kids in Makeovers

Involving Kids in Makeovers

Tips for involving your kids in home makeovers

By Liz Hayward, Interior Decorator & Stylist

Involving your kids in your home makeover is a great way to have them take an interest and ownership in the space, and with the winter school holidays approaching fast, it's the perfect time to make it a fun inside activity.

Whilst the kids might not have much interest in the kitchen or lounge room areas, involving them in the makeover of their bedroom, playroom or even their study nook will give them a sense of pride and satisfaction. Not to mention you can teach them some great life lessons along the way!

Decorating a space takes a lot of planning, from measuring the space, working out exactly what you do/don't need, and deciding what you can realistically afford for the project (a new Naim sound system is a necessity, right?!).

1. To start the planning process, have the kids measure the space while you draw a simple plan of the area to record the measurements.
2. Next you could have them work together to write a list of what they need in the space, and then another list of what would be a "nice to have". This is also a good time to have a think about anything in the room they no longer need that might be able to be donated to charity.
3. Now you can supervise the kids as they research online to find the best bargains for each item – ensuring they choose items that are complimentary. While a 6 year old thinks a bright pink bed set, red curtains and orange rug is a great mix, now is a good time to educate them on complimentary design colours.
4. By doing the above activity they are on their way to creating a budget (a lifelong skill they'll thank you for later). When you have agreed upon the budget, the fun part is next– shopping and setting up the new pieces.

Redecorating a space is exciting for both kids and adults alike, involving your children in the process will teach them about spatial awareness, planning, budgeting and of course creative design skills. With this newly acquired skillset your kids may be on their way to becoming the next generation of Interior Designers!


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