RACINNE Facial Massage Rejuvenation System

RACINNE Facial Massage Rejuvenation System

RACINNE Facial Massage Rejuvenation System


RACINNE introduces the massaging rejuvenation system – lady I. This advanced cleansing tool is designed to enhance your daily skin care regime. Using a series of interchangeable heads, the lady I can be tailored to your skincare needs, gently massaging, cleansing and exfoliating your skin.

FACIAL BRUSH HEAD - Effectively removes facial impurities and exfoliates the skin.

The Facial Brush deeply cleans and removes impurities on the skins surface. Gentle enough for daily use, the Facial Brush also exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling and looking noticeably cleaner, whilst enhancing your complexion's natural radiance.
RRP $8.90

FACIAL SPONGE HEAD- Stimulates the skin and helps with the application of moisturisers.

This Facial Sponge is designed to delicately massage and stimulate your skin, helping to promote blood circulation and optimal product absorption. This is most effective when paired with your favourite RACINNE cleansing or moisturising product and will leave your skin looking rejuvenated every time.
RRP $6.50

PUMICE STONE HEAD - Effectively smooths rough skin.

The Pumice Stone system is designed to smooth rough areas on your feet and elbows. Prior to using the pumice stone, soak your feet in soapy water for 5 minutes, dip the applicator into soapy water and then gently apply the spinning pumice stone to areas of concern in a circular motion.
RRP $6.50

BODY BRUSH HEAD - For a deeper, full body cleanse.

The body brush simultaneously washes and exfoliates your skin with ease. After applying soap or cleanser to your body, use the body brush in a circular motion for a deeper clean that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after every use.
RRP $11.90

Please note: Individual brush heads should be replaced every three months for peak performance.

RACINNE lady I Massaging Rejuvenation System Consists of a Main Unit and all four System Applicators RRP: $49.00

Available now from RACINNE online – http://www.racinne.com.au/