PROPER: T-65 X-Wing

PROPER: T-65 X-Wing

UBTECH Robots and Propel Star Wars Drones


All UBTECH items are available now at locations including JB Hi-Fi Harvey Norman and Australian Geographic.

UBTECH: First Order Stormtrooper Robot
UBTECH are launching a Stormtrooper Robot – the ultimate luxury Christmas gift for Star Wars fans, tech-heads and coders-in-training. The robot can be coded and features voice command, face recognition and an augmented reality game controlled by your Smartphone. You can even program your storm trooper to patrol the room and interact with -intruders'!
$499 AUD

UBTECH: Jimu Robot
Jimu is a unique Robotic Building System that give kids the cognitive insight to BUILD their own robot [2-3 hours of practical assembly and learning] and the creative space to DESIGN their own robot. Jimu is not only fun, but a great learning tool to program and code using any smart device. Great for young coders and collectors of all-things-quirky.
AUD $299

UBTECH: Alpha 1 Pro Robot
Alpha 1 Pro is a super-smart humanoid that comes fully assembled at 40cm tall and weighing 1.65kg. He speaks, dances (like a boss), plays music and actions on your command with up to 20 programing roles designed by you! This impressive robot is one of the most advanced products available today and a guaranteed talking point.
AUD $799

'We flew Propel Star Wars Drones and they made us cry tears of Joy" – Stuff
These drones are built to battle against each other, both in the live and virtual world!
In Australia and New Zealand only a small number of units are released to go on sale – making them one of the most collectable and desirable products for this Christmas and beyond. The drones run on LIFI system (data that transfers at the speed of light for instant gameplay scoring), IAT (Intelligence Awareness System) where voices from characters in the movie talk to you through the hand controller, to coach on how to win the game and the reverse propulsion system with blades hidden underneath the drone – you will dramatically improve your flying skills so quickly to have a shot at becoming the Ultimate Battle Pilot.

Key Features:
- Highly Detailed, Hand Painted And Numbered
- Intelligent Awareness Tech (IAT)
- Speeds Of Over 35 Mph suitable for beginner to advanced pilots
- Multiplayer Battle Game With Other Propel™ Star Wars™ Battling Drones
- Push-Button Aerial Stunts, Reverse Propulsion (push air down to fly)
- Special Edition Collectors Box With Light Up Display Case

PROPER: T-65 X-Wing
The X-wing was heralded as the fighter that, in the hands of Luke Skywalker, destroyed the Death Star. This laser-shooting X-wing fighter has exceptional speed and combat performance that will serve you well during aerial battles
AUD $199

PROPER: 74z Speeder Bike
Speeder bikes, also known as jumpspeeders, are open-air repulsor lift vehicles that maximised speed and manoeuvrability. Re-live the classic scenes of Endor with the 74-Z Speeder Bike.
AUD $199

Come to the Dark Side and pilot Darth Vader's own Starfighter with greater speed and firepower than any craft. Battle against friends and perform aerial rolls and other advanced moves in the style of Lord Vader himself to push back the advances of the Rebel Alliance.
AUD $199