Busy modern women have enough on their plates with uni, working, dating and life in general. Sometimes it's hard to keep on top of things, especially clutter. What if there was a product that brought a bit more order to the home? Introducing the PowerCube! It's a revolutionary product that will drastically reduce the amount of power cord clutter while providing the perfect power solution.


What is PowerCube?
The award winning PowerCube is the world's smallest 4 to 5 multi-socket power solution. Unlike the standard rectangular powerboards it has a square design which takes up 70% less space. It's currently available in Australia in two variations - PowerCube Original Extended has 5 power outlets and PowerCube USB Extended comes with two USB ports and 4 power outlets.

Why do I need one?
As a modern woman you own a variety of devices and appliances to keep you connected, beautified and in tip top shape. There's the mobile phone, laptop, tablet, hair curlers, straighteners, iron, steamer, not to mention the juicer, blender and pop corn maker! Have you ever noticed how many cords you have plugged into sockets all around your house? Not only is this unsightly but it may also pose a
serious hazard. With the PowerCube you can reduce the clutter and make the area safer by mounting the PowerCube to a bench, wall or cabinet. This will ensure the cords are hidden away and you won't run the risk of tripping over them. The revolutionary mounting system allows the PowerCube to be easily fixated onto the dock. By rotating the PowerCube 90 degrees it locks into place. Remove it again without the risk of leaving any glue residue or scratching the desk's surface. Screws are also included to mount the dock in places where glue isn't practical.

Best solution for multi-taskers
Most women are used to multitasking. You're watching your fav series on your laptop, while curling your hair and checking your Facebook on your mobile. With all this going on you need somewhere to plug in. The convenience of the PowerCube USB Extended allows you to plug in all your devices at once. Two handy USB ports mean you can also charge your phone or tablet. And if you still need your social fix at bedtime just plug into the PowerCube neatly tucked under your bedside table.

Is it safe?
The PowerCube has a resettable fuse allowing a safe current to flow through the device. It has surge protection to protect electrical devices from surges. Plus, by mounting the PowerCube in a safe place you'll be able to keep it out of the reach of children.


Where can I buy it?
The PowerCube Original Extended and USB Extended are available from Officeworks, Harvey Norman and Howard's Storage.

PowerCube Original Extended
• 5 power outlets
• Surge protection
• Compact
• Mounting dock included
• Colours: Red, Blue, Grey, Green
• 1.5 meter cable RRP $29.95
• 3 meter cable RRP $39.95

PowerCube USB Extended
• 4 power outlets
• 2 USB Ports (Output: 5V / 2.1 A)
• Surge Protection
• Compact
• Mounting dock included
• Colours: Red, Blue, Grey, Green, Pink, Purple
• 1.5 meter cable RRP $39.95
• 3 meter cable RRP $49.95