Peppa Pigs New Shoes DVD

Peppa Pigs New Shoes DVD

Peppa Pig is an endearing little pig with an adorably cute curly tail. She lives in a house on top of a hill with her little brother George, her father and her mother. They are often visiting, or being visited by, Grandma and Grandpa Pig.

In 'New Shoes' poor Peppa has lost her favourite pair of shoes. The whole family helps search for them, but they can't find them so Peppa and her mum go to buy a new pair of shoes. Peppa makes one stipulation; they must be red! Peppa is so in love with her new red shoes that she will not take them off, even for a bath (she waves them about above the water) or even to go to bed! Will Peppa ever take her new shoes off? And will Peppa be able to join her piggy family doing what they love best namely splashing in muddy puddles?

There are ten Peppa Pig favourite episodes including:
  • New Shoes
  • Ballet Lesson
  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Not Very Well
  • The Windy Castle
  • Pancakes
  • The Museum
  • Secrets
  • Thunderstorm

    Special Features
  • Learn the Alphabet with Peppa Pig!
  • Game 'Put On Your Own Ballet Show'

    Rated: G
    Duration: 50 mins

    RRP $19.95
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