Kestrel by Mark Svendsen

Kestrel by Mark Svendsen
Disappointed he's not allowed to have a rowboat of his own, a young boy grudgingly agrees to help his grandfather build a boat 'for a boy for his birthday'.

As they work together on the Kestral, the appreciates the time spent with his grandfather - sanding, chiselling and hammering. When the boat is finally completed the boy is delighted that the boat is actually for his birthday, for he is no longer too young. But the best present is the time he was able to spend with his grandfather.

Mark Svendsen's simple, poetic text is complemented by the striking illustrations of from Stephen Woolman and Laura Peterson. Sadly Stephen passed away before the project was completed - the pastel portraits by Laura are based on Stephen's own roughs and photographs of his father and nephew. As the final book from Stephen Woolman, 'Kestral' is a beautiful tribute to his amazing talents.

Lothian Books
Author: Mark Svendsen
Illustrators: Stephen Woolman and Laura Peterson
ISBN: 0734404905
RRP: $27.95