Nog the Nag Bird

Nog the Nag Bird
Nog hates being a nag bird. He hates his big yellow beak and his stupid little wings - but most of all he hates his enormous orange feet. Nog wants to be like the beautiful tweetzie birds - tall and slim and elegant.

One day Nog finds a shell on the beach. The shell gives him a fantastic idea. He puts it on his nose and sets off on a mission: to collect a red dress from the village, a pair of giant jubby plant leaves from the junble and two long branches from the spinky tree forest. What on earth is Nog up to? We find out soon enough when he appears in his new incarnation as .... a tweetzie bird!

When the deadly squonky cat attacks however, Nog discovers that he's now neither a tweetzie bird nor a nag bird. He can only save himself by throwing off his silly disguise and using his big orange feet for what they were intended - to run fast!

Featuring bright and appealing illustrations, Nog the Nag Bird teaches us that the most important thing in life is to be ourselves - we've all got some quality to be proud of.

Lothian Books
Author: Gordon Reece
ISBN: 073440865X
RRP: $27.95