Original Sin - Starring Angelina Jolie

Original Sin - Starring Angelina Jolie
Cast: Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie
Director: Michael Cristofer
Screenplay by: Michael Cristofer
Release date: December 6th 2001

Set in the exotic world of Cuba in the late 1800's, Original Sin is a sexy suspenseful thriller about the dangerous and sometimes lethal power of love.

Louis Anton Vargas (Antonia Banderas) is a wealthy coffee merchant who has decided to take an American wife. When he arrives at the docks to meet Julia Russell (Angelina Jolie), he is surprised to find that she is not the plain woman he was expecting. Happier than he ever imagined, he and his new bride embark on a new life. But the surprise continues until the story takes a fateful turn.

Rating: TBC
Running time: TBC
Genre: Thriller
Studio: MGM

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