New Air Security Rules

New Air Security Rules


International travellers can now get quick advice about the new rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels on to international flights by ringing 1300 791 581.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Mark Vaile, announced the hotline number at the launch of the public information campaign for the new rules, which take effect on 31 March 2007.

"The new rules are needed to protect airline passengers from the threat of a terrorist attack using liquid explosives. I urge passengers who are flying overseas from 31 March to find out about the new rules by talking to their airline or travel agent, visiting or by phoning the hotline," Mr Vaile said.

"The Government is printing 14 million brochures about the new rules in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Malay and distributing them to airports, 4,500 travel agents and 340 duty free and tax shops. There will also be posters at airports and resealable plastic bags for passengers who havent heard about the restrictions."

"More than 1,900 security screeners have now completed their training in the new rules. They will be Australias front line of defence against a terrorist attack using liquid explosives."

"Under the new rules, which only apply to international flights:

  • Every container of liquids, aerosols or gels in carry-on baggage must be 100 millilitres or less. All of the containers must be sealed in a transparent one-litre plastic bag.
  • Travellers can still carry prescription medicines on board. Baby products and nonprescription medicines that are needed for the flight are also allowed.
  • Travellers can still put larger items like perfume and other cosmetics into their check-in baggage."

    "My advice to international airline passengers is to organise your plastic bag before you get to the airport, so you have time to pack any containers that are too big into your check-in baggage."

    "The Government understands that these new rules may cause some inconvenience. We are working closely with the industry to make sure they work as smoothly as possible, but our highest priority must always be to protect travellers from the threat of a terrorist attack," Mr Vaile said.

    Media Release from Deputy Prime Minister
    Minister for Transport and Regional Services
    Leader of The Nationals

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