Mysore Style Cooking

Mysore Style Cooking

Mysore Style Cooking

The secret Yogic recipes of Mysore, India

Mysore Style Cooking is a unique Indian cookbook straight from one of the humblest culinary experts of Mysore, India, Ms. V. Sandhya.

This is Vegetarian Indian food as you will never find it in the commercial Indian restaurants present in our cities. Sandhya draws from generations of knowledge, passed down by her family, to bring to the world recipes that are Ayurvedically balanced and delicious in flavour.

Recipes range from Uppittu and Dosa (eaten mostly for Breakfast) through to Palyas, Curries, Sambal, Chutneys and Raitas, as well as sweet dishes such as Pongals and Rasayanas.

We expect these 'secret' recipes to be complicated and mysterious, only to discover that they are simple to prepare and full of flavour.

Mysore Style Cooking includes over 60 of these much treasured recipes as well as over 70 full page colour images, interspersed with personal stories and images of life in Mysore.

If you ever wanted to know what Indian people eat at home, rather than the fare served at commercial restaurants, than Mysore Style Cooking will provide you with the secrets to those recipes.

Mysore Style Cooking
Elephants Publishing
Author: Ms. V. Sandhya
Price: $27.95

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