My Place in Space

My Place in Space
Henry Wilson and his sister Rosie know exactly where they live - and not just the street, the town and the country. They know their place in space. With fabulously detailed illustrations by bestselling illustrator Roland Harvey and Joe Levine, this book will enthral children and awaken their curiosity about the Universe.

To the astonishment of the bus driver, Henry and Rosie are able to give their complete address, right down to their hemisphere, their planet, their solar system - and beyond.

My Place in Space is the perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of astronomy. Originally published in 1989, this brand new edition will enthral a whole new generation of stargazers.

Review: Taking a complex subject and making it tangible for children to understand, 'My Place in Space' is an excellent book that puts in perspective where we live, exactly!

My Place in Space
Allen & Unwin
Author: Robin and Sally Hirst
ISBN: 9781741754049
RRP: $14.95