Money isn’t everything

Ask any job hunter these days and they're likely to tell you they are looking for a better paying job than their current role. But is it really all about the money?

Although salary is an important part of accepting a new role, candidates should remember it is only one factor in the overall compensation a prospective company can provide.

Non-monetary benefits are becoming increasingly important to employees, some equally or even more so, than salary.

It used to be that large companies had the advantage over small and mid-sized organisations because ample resources meant they could offer prospective employees higher salaries.

However in today's candidate-short market, organisations have been forced to 'think outside the square' and are offering perks ranging from childcare facilities, to health insurance to full or subsidised gym memberships.

Workers these days realise their professional lives don't have to encroach on their personal time and are keen to find ways of balancing work and family demands.

What's on offer?

When looking for a new role, be sure to ask your recruiter or interviewer about the benefits the organisation offers their candidates other than salary.

Questions like, 'What is the company's approach to employee benefits' or 'Does your company support employee work/life balance' are very valid queries in today's recruitment market.

In fact, taking an interest in what non-monetary benefits a company offers shows a candidate is able to see past the dollar signs and is taking a 'holistic' approach to their working life.

Types of benefits

In addition to those benefits already listed, many Australian companies have been known to provide:
  • full or part tuition reimbursement for their staff;
  • business vehicles;
  • medical and dental plans; and
  • employee assistance programs (such as financial planning and personal counseling sessions)

    What do YOU need?

    Different employees have different needs, so it's important to think about what motivates you as an individual.

    This could be flexible working hours that allow you to dash out of the office at 4.30pm to beat the rush at the gym, the offering of 12 months paid maternity leave or a $400 gift voucher to buy a pair of shoes of your choice (yes, it has been done!).

    Of course, for those of you motivated purely by the dollars, there are benefits out there to suit you as well - bonus schemes, commissions and salary packaging.

    So next time you're job hunting, try looking past the salary rate. Do a little research on the company and find out what they do to keep their staff happy.

    You might find for a slightly lower salary, you're offered a better 'lifestyle', letting you get on with your personal life while holding down a career.

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